KineMaster Strategic Investment to Secure Stock Video Content

Evolving to become a platform for video projects sharing

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KineMaster Corporation, the developer of the KineMaster video editing app, announced that it will expand its investment in content offerings to provide users with an improved editing experience.

NEW Video Assets by KineMaster
NEW Video Assets by KineMaster

Recently, KineMaster has been implementing strategies to retain new users by producing short-form content to position itself in line with the mobile video trends in app with the Project Delivery Service. KineMaster made a strategic investment to provide users access to a large amount of additional stock videos, worry-free from copyright.

The investment target is Travision Production, which offers a large library of travel and tourism-related videos. A curated selection from that library will be provided as usable video from within the KineMaster app, giving users the option of travel without ever leaving the comfort of home. The content will be fully available in mid-September, giving users more than 1,000 videos to choose from.

With more people than ever before applying their creative visions to video content, the need for stock footage to fill in where practical considerations prohibit original content has never been greater. The addition of this stock library will allow users to achieve what they imagine to be possible, far beyond what they can accomplish on their own.

Concurrent with this effort to enable our users to exceed their personal content capabilities, KineMaster 5.0 introduced downloadable projects. Those projects, found in the app inside of the Get Projects button, are made both internally and by a hand-picked group of creators from around the world, who’s contribution is promoted with a name or handle hashtagged to their projects. The Get Projects interface gives creators an up-to-date snapshot of how many KineMaster users downloaded and "liked" their projects. Direct links to projects inside of Get Projects are also available with the tap of a button, facilitating social sharing. KineMaster is currently recruiting new creators to build out the Get Projects content into a place of unlimited creative potential.

KineMaster CEO Il-Taek Lim said, "We will continue to provide a variety of content for our users over time. We will evolve into a platform where users can actively communicate inside the app, beyond simply using KineMaster as an editing tool."

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