LG SIGNATURE and Acclaimed Wine Critic, James Suckling, Present the Art of Enjoying Wine

In Association with Premium Brand, Suckling Offers His Expert Advice on How to Store and Savor Wine

SEOUL, South Korea, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LG SIGNATURE, maker of ultra-premium home appliances including the recently launched LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar, has teamed up with brand ambassador and world-renowned wine critic, James Suckling, to show consumers the perfect way to start their own wine journey.


Importance of Proper Storage

A collector, critic, and connoisseur of wine for more than four decades, Suckling emphasizes the importance of having proper storage to protect and preserve your wine. He notes that the design and technical capabilities of the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar are ideal for keeping wine at its best, and that in addition to maintaining optimal conditions, the wine cellar is equally beautiful to look at.

Temperature and humidity fluctuations should be kept to a bare minimal and the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar manages this perfectly through Optimal Humidity Control1 and Multi Temperature Control. The brand’s advanced technology can adjust a constant temperature of between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius with humidity remaining steady at about 68 percent – conditions Suckling says are needed to avoid prematurely aging your wine. The wine cellar can accommodate 65 bottles – in a horizontal rack system that ensures the corks won’t dry out – and employs LG’s Vibration Control technology to prevent the bottles stored from moving around, another key factor in safeguarding the flavor and characteristics of wine.

Suckling also stresses the importance of limiting your collection’s exposure to light. The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar prevents UV light from reaching the bottles stored thanks to a triple-pane mirrored glass door. For the sake of convenience, the door comes equipped with InstaViewTM, which lets users see what is inside without disturbing the wine cellar’s temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.

Preparing for the Wine Moment

To create a "great wine moment," Suckling feels strongly that one should fully consider when, where and with whom they will share and savor wine. Through thinking about the venue, the company, the food, and even the time of day, Suckling says it is possible to enhance the enjoyment of the wine being served and create memorable experiences. He often organizes tastings around a particular theme, and delights in sharing his latest discoveries with friends, family and fellow wine-lovers.

For Suckling, it is a great wine moment when all his guests are happy, relaxed and satisfied with the wine selection.

Serving Wine the Right Way

Suckling also shared with LG SIGNATURE that wine should always be served in good quality glassware and at the correct temperature. He says that people often make the mistake of using the wrong type of glass and "serving whites too cold and reds too warm," which can blunt the aroma and distinctive flavors that the winemaker has strived so hard to perfect.

As brand ambassador for LG SIGNATURE, James Suckling took part in the Notes from the Cellar virtual event celebrating the launch of the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar in the U.S. market. During the event, the extremely knowledgeable Suckling provided some of his favorite tips for tasting and enjoying different wine varieties.

In addition, he offered up a list of 12 bottles that, whether you are an aficionado or just embarking on your wine journey, should not be missed. To learn more, please visit www.LGSIGNATURE.com.

[1] Based on UL test results using LG’s internal testing method of measuring average humidity in the wine storage compartment. Applies to LGE model LSR200W. No load and 11°C temperature setting. The result may vary in actual usage.


LG SIGNATURE is the first ultra-premium brand across multiple product categories from global innovator LG Electronics. Catering to the most discerning consumers, LG SIGNATURE is designed to provide a state-of-the-art living experience that feels pure, sophisticated and luxurious. Combining the very best of everything LG has to offer, the distinctive LG SIGNATURE products were designed with their true essence in mind – streamlined to focus on each product’s essential function while maintaining the LG SIGNATURE’s modern, signature design. www.LGSIGNATURE.com.

LG SIGNATURE Ambassador James Suckling
LG SIGNATURE Ambassador James Suckling


LG SIGNATURE Ambassador James Suckling and the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar
LG SIGNATURE Ambassador James Suckling and the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar


LG SIGNATURE Ambassador James Suckling and the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar
LG SIGNATURE Ambassador James Suckling and the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar

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