Local Hotel Uses Eco-Friendly Remodeling Techniques with Power Tools from M&M Tool and Machinery

As part of an on-going company commitment to Environmental Procedures and Green Initiatives, construction crews for the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City recently utilized an increasingly popular woodworking technique to renew their exterior decking at the hotel.

Rather than sanding the wood in place, crews for Little America Hotel removed the boards, checked for any nails or stones embedded in them, ran each board through a planer, chamfered the edges, and then reinstalled the boards. To complete this renovation, they purchased the appropriate power tools and supplies from M&M Tool and Machinery.

The crew used the Makita Planer, a tool so portable it can be taken right to the jobsite, allowing for more efficiency and productivity. The Makita Planer has a 12 ½” capacity which allowed the planks to be evenly surfaced and uniform. The DW257 Dewalt screw gun, with 2500 RPM’s and a torque of 132 inch pounds provided the necessary power to remove and replace the 3″ screws quickly. Finally, the Senco Finish Pro 10 Pin Nailer with a 1″ capacity pin nail was utilized leaving a finished hole so small no fill is necessary.

The finished project is not only visually appealing, but the technique used is very eco-friendly. Re-using lumber already on hand saves companies thousands on new material costs. M&M Tool and Machinery offers a large selection of power tools to perform this type of work, and is proud to supply companies with the most efficient tools necessary to implement new “Earth Friendly” building practices.

M&M Tool and Machinery- SLC, UT

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