Longkom Media and Shenzhen Media Group Announce Second Season of “Cantonese Cuisine Master”

– Bilingual versions of the docuseries will be shared for simultaneous broadcast in China and abroad

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Longkom Media and Shenzhen Media Group have launched the second season of the beloved Cantonese cuisine docuseries "Cantonese Cuisine Master". The show celebrates the uniqueness and advancement of Cantonese cuisine, while opening a new window for the world to understand Chinese culture.

Season two has seen an extensive overhaul, promising to delve deeper into the roots of Cantonese fare and create opportunities to discover the collective restaurants, products and brands that underpin one of the world’s most ancient and respected cuisines. It will be broadcast exclusively on Shenzhen Satellite TV and streamed via iQiYi. In addition, bilingual versions of the docuseries will be shared for simultaneous broadcast in China and abroad. With the Greater Bay area as its foundation, Cantonese Cuisine Master season two will see the show extend its reach– enabling Cantonese cuisine to carry the Chinese flag and culture overseas.

"Cantonese cuisine is a time-loved cultural symbol of China, and our show has become synonymous with the promotion of the Cantonese cuisine industry. In second season, we uncover the flavorful origins behind this cuisine and showcase more stories in stunning 4K — all in the hopes of giving viewers a deeper appreciation of Cantonese food and Chinese culture," said Lu Changzhi, Chairman of Longkom Media.

The core theme of the second season is "Cantonese cuisine culture, Chinese wisdom". Throughout the episodes, the show will explore the evolution of Cantonese cuisine and culture over history, and the transfer of culinary skills over time. The season draws inspiration from key principles of Cantonese cuisine, such as "medicine and food come from the same source". Cantonese Cuisine Master immerses itself in the heart of Cantonese culture from the perspective of food, and combines it with traditional Chinese wisdom to further broaden the social influence of Cantonese cuisine.

To ensure quality at every turn, Cantonese Cuisine Master’s second season will be produced by a highly skilled team with a proven track record in creating cultural video programs. The program leverages recent developments in the 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) industry in Guangdong – such as Shenzhen Satellite  TV’s 4K channel, GBN Nanguo City Channel, and Skyworth OTT – to create the first 4K UHD cultural exploration and heritage documentary.

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