Looking for a Holiday Travel Deal? Go Last Minute

Looking for a Holiday Travel Deal? With the rising cost of living and the squeeze on salaries, holidays can feel like an unaffordable luxury. But we should all make time for a break – however long or short it may be, and however near or far we travel. You don’t have to jet off to the Caribbean to enjoy a sunny beach break. You could take a short hop across the Channel or snap up a cheap flight to the Spanish coast for a few days on fun in the sun.

Holiday Travel Deal
Holiday Travel Deal

Last Minute Holiday Travel Deal

If package holidays are on the agenda, you can find a great price by booking last minute. It might seem like late holiday deals have been around forever, but they still represent fantastic value for money – especially for those with a penchant for spontaneous getaways.

The best way to find a late deal is to be as flexible as possible. The best late holiday deals can typically be found within the next six weeks, therefore availability is limited. In order to find the lowest price, you’ll need to be prepared to adjust your search criteria – for instance, try changing your departure dates by a few days, and consider departing mid-week rather than on the weekend, as this can often bring the price down a little.

You could also adjust your departure airport because smaller, regional airports are often more expensive to fly from than larger terminals such as Heathrow or Gatwick. And if you can, it’s worth searching for departures outside of school or public holidays, as this will often be much cheaper. Finally, consider searching for alternative resorts or destinations. You may find that a neighbouring resort or a slightly more out-of-town location will be cheaper than your first choice of destination.

There are plenty of late holiday deals out there – it’s just a matter of finding the one that best suits your purse and your personal preferences.

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