Mandarin Oriental Spa in Hong Kong to launch Sleep Ritual Treatment

In January, the Mandarin Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is to launch a special Sleep Ritual treatment for guests needing a little help relaxing properly. Priced at HK$1,400 for a 90-minute treatment, the ritual is designed to induce sleep through the use of music, scents and massage, thereby relaxing the mind and body simultaneously.

“It’s a fact of modern life that most people don’t get enough sleep,” said Spa Director Lynsey Hughes. “We all know that chronic sleep problems have been associated with a wide range of serious health consequences, and people who suffer from lack of sleep are less productive and more likely to suffer an injury or accident. Everyone can benefit from better sleep, and this treatment has been designed to instill peace and tranquility for a restful night.”

The Sleep Ritual consists of a Deep Relax Aromatherapy Massage with soothing vetiver, sandalwood and chamomile oils. Aromatherapy-style massage techniques help to promote the flow of energy throughout the body, while Swedish massage, particularly effleurage and other slow stroking movements, provide a sedating effect.

Deep relaxation and sleep improvement is achieved through carefully applied pressure concentrated on the cranial and sacral areas and along the spinal column. These are most powerful movements and are crucial to a successful treatment.

Stomach massage is also included and aids in helping to release negative emotion. At the end of the treatment a soya milk drink (containing the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan), oats (to promote relaxing sleep) and nutmeg (an Ayurvedic remedy for restful sleep) is served.

For chronic insomnia, an additional 30-minute Shirodhara treatment is recommended. Priced at HK$700, this Ayurvedic therapy leads to a calm and meditative state by means of warm oil applied in a steady flow to the forehead.

Alternatively, for insomniacs seeking a quick pick-me-up during the day, the Mandarin Salon’s 15-minute hair wash and scalp massage for men, is a perfect excuse for a power nap. “This is a very soothing treatment and often sends people to sleep for a short nap,” Lynsey said. “It leaves clients feeling refreshed, restored and with great hair.”

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