“Market the Cat” in Tux Walks Down Furry Friends’ Snug Hideaway in Tai Wo

Famous Illustrator from Taiwan Makes HK Debut in "Downshifting @ Tai Po"

  • Pets and their owners are invited to go on a colourful outing featuring the 20-metre-long "Hanami Steps", "Peekaboo Path" and other photogenic scenes, alongside pet-friendly restaurants and exclusive Tai Po-inspired local goodies
  • Create joyful memories with this pet-friendly Tai Po day trip itinerary, green market and "Pet Photo Booth"

HONG KONG, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "Market the Cat", a famous illustrated character from Taiwan, is making his Hong Kong debut at the "Downshifting @ Tai Po – a Stroll with Market the Cat" campaign, organised by Tai Wo Plaza to turn the shopping destination into a feline paradise with adorable illustrations. Clad in a tuxedo, Market the Cat takes visitors on a slow living journey through various happenings in the district, from Tai Yuen Commercial Centre to Fu Shin Shopping Centre. Follow in the agile footsteps of our feline ambassador to explore the cat-themed art pieces along the way while taking part in flash activities and a chance to receive limited-edition gifts. The campaign also taps famous Hong Kong photographer Littlered to share tips for photographing pets. 

In his first collaboration with Tai Wo Plaza, “Market the Cat” from Taiwan is giving the scenes of Tai Po a cosy edge in the “Downshifting@ Tai Po – a Stroll with Market the Cat” series.
In his first collaboration with Tai Wo Plaza, “Market the Cat” from Taiwan is giving the scenes of Tai Po a cosy edge in the “Downshifting@ Tai Po – a Stroll with Market the Cat” series.

"Hanami Steps" Installation capturing Blossoms of Tai Po in Four Seasons 
A-Meow, Market the Cat’s creator, is known for her tender brushstrokes that bring the daily life of Market the Cat to life. For the campaign, the famous Taiwanese illustrator captures the attractions of Tai Po and the quotidian life of the neighbourhood in a floral setting full of native blossoms through the seasons, inviting urban dwellers to slow down and enjoy the company of furry friends in an otherworldly feline universe. At the exit of Tai Wo Railway Station, the playful Market the Cat will usher you onto the "Peekaboo Path" for a hide-and-seek game. Follow the paws to the "Hanami Steps" in the west wing of Tai Wo Plaza, where a 20-metre-long mural painting depicts the blossoms of Tai Po in four different seasons. The blooming scenes along both sides of the stairs are punctuated with depictions of Market the Cat and other adorable kittens. Up on the ceiling, a 3D "Big Fat Cat" emanates the cosy vibe of slow living as he lies in a bed of flowers enjoying the multi-coloured sunlight coming through the curved sunroof.

The journey continues in the east wing of Tai Wo Plaza where the thematic scenography unfolds: the "Meow Fish Stall" meets the eyes with the lively scene of feline fishmongers surrounded by customers. Meanwhile the Hong Kong Railway Museum comes to life in another photogenic scene at Tai Wo Plaza, where fluffy friends are invited to take pictures with their owners and Market the Cat. Don’t forget to bring along a pet carrier to keep your cutie pie cosy and safe when you visit Tai Wo Plaza. There is also the "Market the Cat Pop-up Gallery" for fans to soak up the artistic vibe of the illustrator’s pastel-coloured world.

Best Vistas in Tai Po, Plus Pet Photo Tips from Famous Photographer Littlered 

With dedicated selfie spots for furry friends featured in all thematic scenes, the pet-friendly campaign also encourages owners and pets to take a walk among Tai Po’s outdoor attractions, including the Lam Tsuen River. Some of the neighbourhood’s hidden gems were framed during Market the Cat’s trip to Tai Po by none other than Littlered. The famous local photographer also revealed his secrets to perfect pet photography: capture the spontaneity of pets at their eye level with the help of autofocus to capture them in action, or half-press the shutter to lock the focus, and use a bounce flash to create soft, flattering light. Alternatively, you can let experts handle the task at the ‘Pet Photo Booth’, where professional photographers will capture your happy moments with your pet if you spend at Tai Wo Plaza on designated dates.

Fancy a hearty meal with your fluffy friend? Market the Cat has hand-picked a list of pet-friendly outlets for owners and pets to enjoy a slice of slow living. Check out Toyama and Piglet Café at the rooftop food court of Tai Yuen Commercial Centre, as well as the semi-al fresco Fragrant Leaf Bay in Tai Wo Plaza. The trip to Tai Po would not be complete without a stroll through Market the Cat’s favourite fresh market. Don’t miss out on the great variety of fresh ingredients and groceries at Tai Yuen Fresh Market, alongside a stellar line-up of eateries, including the Goldy Café, which is run by an ex-executive chef of a five-star hotel and has a pleasant sun-lit environment thanks to the glass façade.

Hipster-friendly Green Market

What’s more, Tai Wo Plaza will organise a green market between 15 and 31 July featuring a plethora of green goodies, including organic food, handicrafts and other knick-knacks.  "Market the Cat" special designed phone wallpapers will also be available to download by simply scanning the QR code from in-mall promotion material. Celebrate the slow living culture of Tai Po with the illustrated Tai Po Walk multi-purpose bag and Garden Walk umbrella, available at Tai Wo Plaza (multi-purpose bag and umbrella) and Fu Shin Shopping Centre (multi-purpose bag) from 4 July to 31 August by redeeming receipts after spending a designated amount and registering for Link membership.

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit Linkhk.com.

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About Market the Cat 

Market the Cat is a fat black cat kept by the illustrator A-Meow. Born in Tainan with a big heart and a poker face, the sabo-tabby has two bosom friends: the bird on his head called Lazy Bird and his favourite playmate, Yellow the yellow cat. 

Market the Cat may not have a smiling face, but his love and care for friends are real.

The Brand

Market the Cat draws inspiration from everyday life, pets and nature. Created with colour pencils and crayons, the illustration series is characterised by delicate brushstrokes and lyricism. With an international presence and fanbase, the series and its merchandise are featured in Tsutaya Bookstore in Japan, and at the exhibition at Park Lane by Splendor in Taichung. Market the Cat is also the protagonist of the illustrated guidebook for an animal shelter in Taichung.

About Littlered 

Littlered is a millennial, photographer, author and teacher, and an active participant in Hong Kong’s education and advertising industries.

He holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Japanese Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is a former part-time lecturer at LiPACE.

He won a literary award from Hong Kong Baptist University and is currently studying at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design.

"Downshifting@ Tai Po – a Stroll with Market the Cat" Redemption Details

Date: From now to 31 August 2022

Time: 12 pm8 pm

Location: Customer service counters at designated Link malls

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