Miss Earth 2008 beauties campaign to vote “Underground River” in wonders search

Candidates of Miss Earth who visited here over the weekend are embarking on a campaign to support and vote for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP) as one of the wonders of the world.

The PPNSRNP, home of the longest navigable subterranean river, has remained solid in the No. 1 spot for five consecutive weeks since Sept. 22 in the ongoing search for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

From Sept. 22 to present, the world renowned “Underground River” occupied the top position in the live ranking on the search new nature wonders.

”I am telling these ladies that to have a breathtaking and unique underwater cave experience, go to Puerto Princesa’s Underground River”, Carla Paula Henry said, referring to 30 Miss Earth beauties who participated in the swimsuit competition here last Saturday.

Henry praised Mayor Edward Hagedorn and the city residents for their tireless efforts to protect and preserve the pristine environment.

Meawhile, Canada’s Denise Conceicao Garrido, who also won the swimsuit competition in Puerto Princesa, said the Underground River is so beautiful and stunning natural wonder.

”Visit Underground River, definitely a captivating place to go, I must vote for it”, Garrido said.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Alisa Zlatarevic also called on people to vote for the said park, while Bahamas’ Garnell Storr appreciated the pristine environment of the Puerto Princesa’s clean and green mountains.

Hagedorn expressed optimism on the visit of Miss Earth contestants which greatly enhanced the promotion of the park.

”People are asking how to describe the park” Hagedorn said.

“It won’t give justice if I just used an ordinary word to describe the underground river, you have to see to it for yourself to admire and appreciate it”.

”We’re very proud to have you here, please tell your friends if you want to rest in a jungle”, he added. “Here, you can sing with birds, float with the butterflies, play with the dolphins and visit the exotic islands”, Hagedorn said.

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