Mobile Communication App Eyecon is Available in the AppGallery

The unique communication app will now be available in the official Huawei app store.

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eyecon, a mobile application that enhances communication by automatically adding photos to your phone dialer, contacts, and address book, has launched on AppGallery.

Explore Eyecon on AppGallery
Explore Eyecon on AppGallery

Benefits of Eyecon

Eyecon features a unique callerID and dialer, enabling users to see a picture of their caller, creating a convenient, visually appealing, and friendly way for people to communicate. The app analyzes each user’s activity, offering personalized features to make their mobile interactions more efficient. Eyecon’s algorithm matches the user and meta-data to provide a complete, hassle-free visual callerID, dialer, and address book, setting them apart from other applications and creating a truly unique experience for its users.

Currently used by more than 3 million active callers daily, Eyecon users can now take advantage of a free one-month premium version.

Eyecon is continuously innovating new ways to communicate and interact with friends and family. With the inclusion of Toki, users can benefit from "Walkie-Talkie" style calls worldwide. The app has been downloaded over 45 million times. The Eyecon team intends to continue to revolutionize the way people communicate with their contacts and make Eyecon the must-have application on AppGallery.

Technology Support from Huawei

Eyecon has integrated seven Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core kits with its app as a testament to its confidence in Huawei and the partnership. The ML Kit is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) feature enabling users to input a contact search by stating their desired contact name out loud instead of typing.  Huawei IAP allows users to purchase Eyecon Premium, offering full spam protection, 40+ themes, more photos, VIP support, and disables ads. Other integrations include the Analytics Kit,  Account Kit, Ads Kit, Push Kit, and more.

"Our partnership with Huawei has been a match-made-in-heaven from Day 1. The synergies between Huawei and Eyecon are perfect and we look forward to many years of collaboration together," said Yuval Samson, Co-Founder and COO of Eyecon.

AppGallery – One of the Top Three App Marketplaces Globally

Launched in over 170 countries and regions, AppGallery is committed to meeting their 500 million active users’ diverse yet focused needs. The app marketplace actively seeks out partnerships with global and local developers to invite them on board the platform. This approach allows AppGallery to remain an open and innovative app distribution platform accessible to all.

AppGallery recognizes the importance and contributions of its developers and is dedicated to their success. AppGallery provides full-spectrum operational support for developers worldwide as well as several developer-centric initiatives, empowering developers to innovate further in app development.

For more information, please visit the Huawei Developer website at or the Huawei Developer Forum at

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