New York – Still A Top City Destination

Wyndham Garden Long Island City Manhattan ViewThere are few cities in the world that create as much excitement in the human mind as New York City does. The Big Apple is, in fact, big in just about every sense of the world – from the size of the buildings, to the size of plates of food, and the size of the personalities – and yet geographically it is a lot smaller than many of the other ‘big’ cities on this planet.

I vividly remember my first glimpse of New York City. Having arrived at JFK Airport, I was sat on a coach heading for Manhattan. When you see that most famous of world skyline’s in the distance, with the Empire State Building standing tall and proud, you can’t help but feel joy, excitement and wonder.

New York truly is a must visit city. There are as many as 800 languages spoken in the city, and as such it’s a destination where you can eat food from every single corner of the world. From Italian (New York pizza is like no other), to Chinese and, of course, the good old American burgers and fries, New York’s culinary scene is a wonderful thing – with so many restaurants around you can eat well for a very pocket friendly amount.

Away from the dining table, there is no other island with so much to do. A visit to the top of the Empire State Building is considered a must, and while this was a tip I followed, I found the top of the Rockefeller Centre a more enjoyable experience: not only is the viewing platform friendlier in terms of space and fencing material, but you also get to have the Empire State Building in your photographs.

Trips out to Liberty Island and Ellis Island are well worth the money, while Central Park is like an oasis in the middle of the world’s busiest city – fantastic scenery coupled with the distant sound of taxis honking.

What’s more, there are so many New York hotels ranging from budget options to five star glamour, that it really is an affordable city to visit – while this city never sleeps, you will want to after exploring everything New York has to offer.

But the wonder of New York is in your feet: it is a city to be seen by foot – take a subway to Brooklyn and walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge and you’ll experience one of the most famous views in the world. The famous grid-like road network is so easy to navigate, and Manhattan so relatively small, that taking the subway gives you a fear that you might miss something.

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