OH ORLANDO! 3 Ways to Enjoy Orlando This Vacation!

Sometimes it’s all we focus on to get through the day. Month after month of grueling work and repetitive routines will leave you frustrated and drained. The one thing you can look forward to is your Vacation! The world if your oyster and even choosing a vacation spot and activities can end up being more of a hassle than a help. But don’t worry; there are Orlando vacation packages with your name all over them, just waiting to be scooped up!

Orlando, Florida, USA
Orlando, Florida, USA

Why Orlando?

Orlando is the quintessential family vacation spot and for years, families from all over the world flock to enjoy all that is has to offer. Most famous for little spots like Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is home to everything that vacationing has come to mean. Fresh air, warm sun, mind-blowing sights, memorable activities, unparalleled shopping and food you can smack your lips at. All these and more are why millions of people decide to visit Orlando when vacation time rolls around.

Here are three tips to making your next vacation an “Oh Orlando!” kinda’ time:

1.     Be In The Know

Decisions Decisions! Orlando is ripe with vacation options to cater to every traveler’s needs and likes. What kind of vacation are you looking for? Something lush and relaxing? Or something action packed and exciting? Are roller coasters your thing or do water works tickle your fancy? Whatever you decide, don’t wait for the last minute. When you have some downtime from the fray of everyday life, do a little research and pick a spot in Orlando that will satisfy everything you want from your vacation.

2.     Map It Out

If you’re planning on hitting the theme parks, strategy is everything. How you plan this portion of your vacation experience can make or break it all together. A sage bit of advice is to work from back to front! Most parks put their more popular rides u front so naturally these are the ones that get jammed up early and quickly. If you start with the less popular rides, usually to the back or sides, you won’t have to fight with crowds! People will look at you weird when you’re not joining the droves, but don’t worry, it’s all about momentum. By the time you get to the most popular rides, they won’t be as congested and you can stroll up the lines with ease.

3.     Prep for The Heat!

Orlando is a hot spot…no, seriously, we mean it; it’s really hot during the summer and if this is when you’re vacationing, you need to be aware of the temperature for the health of it. You may not be accustomed to this sort of physical exertion – be it the theme parks or the sightseeing and keeping yourself hydrated is key! At the theme parks there are often cool down stations interspersed in their layout; remember to visit them. If you’re going to be driving around and touring on your own, freeze bottled water the night before and remember to take it with you on your day’s journey.

Have fun this summer and remember – Orlando’s the way to go!

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