Operation Smile and Pocky Jointly Bring Smiles for Less Fortunate Children and Inspire the Positive Spirit in Society

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Nov. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Operation Smile in collaboration with Pocky – Japan’s No. 1 chocolate cake brand under Ezaki Glico Company – brings smiles to less fortunate children in Vietnam through the call for everyone sharing the message "Say Pocky – A shared smile" from 1st November to 11th November, 2020.

Actress Dieu Nhi joined the campaign and shared information on her social media network
Actress Dieu Nhi joined the campaign and shared information on her social media network

The annual Pocky Day on 11th November is a traditional event which is very popular among young Japanese people. On this day, everyone will give each other a happy "Pocky smile" as a way of connecting together and spreading happiness.

For the first time Pocky Day in Vietnam, Ezaki Glico Company wishes not only to spread a positive spirit in the community but also believes that our smiles can also help to bring smiles to disabled children. So that "Pocky smile" really makes sense.

The program "Say Pocky – a shared smile" jointly organized by Operation Smile and Pocky on social media network from 1st November to November 11, 2020. The rules for the program are very simple. Just share a smile, change Avatar on a personal Facebook account or show Tik Tok video, with hashtag #PockyxOperationSmile during the program.

For each shared hashtag, Pocky will donate VND 11,000 to Operation Smile. The maximum total fundraising amount is VND 200,000,000 (equivalent to more than 22 smile surgeries).

This is considered a meaningful gift expressing the spirit of "Sharing Happiness" on Pocky Day in order to spread love to the community, helping children with cleft lips and cleft palate regain innocent and pure smiles.

Actress Dieu Nhi and dancer Quang Dang have accepted the invitation to be the ambassador for the program. The two young artists said they are very happy to share this meaningful smile and will call on everyone to join.

Ms. Huong Giang, Development Manager of Operation Smile expressed her respect and gratitude for the partnership of Pocky brand. At the same time, Operation Smile hopes to receive more attention from individuals and communities for this campaign to spread the message "Sharing Happiness" that Pocky brings.


The No. 1 chocolate cake brand in Japan has been recognized by Guinness as the world’s best-selling cream cake product. With delicious quality and the positive message of "sharing happiness", Pocky wishes to bring young Vietnamese people happy moments and spread the spirit of sharing happiness to everyone, every family.


Information about children with jaw-face defects: In Vietnam, with the rate of 1/700, about 3,000 children are born with facial deformities each year. For them, in addition to having to endure physical defects, difficulties in daily life, there is also great pain in the spirit, which is the alienation of society. The collaboration of the community will help children to foster hope to have a perfect smile, the confidence to go to school and a normal life like many other normal children at same age. With only 45 minutes and about 9,000,000 VND, we will help bring them a new LIFE. All surgery costs are sponsored by Operation Smile for free, in addition, families also receive an allowance for accommodation and travel expenses during the operation. Up to now, about 95% of all surgeries are performed by a team of Vietnamese doctors and nurses.

Operation Smile Vietnam: is an international NGO from the United States and first arrived in Vietnam in February 1989, as part of the process of normalizing Vietnam-US relations. After 31 years of operation in Vietnam, Operation Smile has performed surgery and treatment for more than 60,000 children with facial deformities across the country.

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