Overseas Moutai Dealers Voiced Concern about COVID-19 in their Homeland

NEW YORK and VANCOUVER, British Columbia and HAMBURG, Germany, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In early 2020, an unexpected pandemic broke out throughout China, spreading viruses at an amazing speed and causing a sudden disruption of a happy festive atmosphere.

In the midst of this outbreak, Moutai Group donated 80 million RMB, and overseas Moutai dealers were closely following domestic situations and spontaneously utilized chain resources in Asia, Australia, Europe and other possible places, seeking emergency supplies and having them delivered to those in need as fast as possible.

Besides material support, dealers also actively voiced support via various media and platforms to their countrymen and paid tribute to all the dedicated medical workers.

On February 1, Diamond Hongus, an American Moutai dealer, cheered for its compatriots with words “Come On, China!”, “Come On, Wuhan!”, “Wuhan Stay Strong!” and “Tributes to Frontline Medical Workers!” on the big TV screen at the Times Square.

On the same day, Sinocan Supply Inc, a Canadian Moutai dealer, substituted the commercial ads in Edmonton Chinese News with ads on combating coronavirus. Commercial billboards at Vancouver International Airport and Calgary International Airport were changed into posters with words “Come On, China!” on them.

It was also in the same month that Wisdom Express GmbH, a German Moutai dealer, included the full page of volume 499 of Chinesische Handelszeitung with encouraging words for their compatriots.

These impressive and heart-warming deeds of people from Moutai at home and abroad reflect Moutai Group’s great social responsibilities in the face of the virus. They wanted to let the world know that they were making concerted efforts with all the other overseas Chinese in fighting against this deadly disease. They wanted to let the world know that they always had deep concern and strong love for their motherland through various ways. It’s also Moutai’s hope to give support and comfort to all those suffering from this catastrophe.

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