Peak Adventure Successfully Completed Kedarnath Peak Climbing Expedition, leading Indian Adventure Tours and Travel Company set new milestone by conducting successful Kedarnath Peak Climbing Adventure Expedition.

Kedarnath is a Hindu holy town located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Situated in the Himalayas, about 3584m above sea level near the head of river Mandakini, this destination is flanked by breathtaking snow-capped peaks.

It is an exceptional destination surrounded with huge Himalayan Peaks and considered as home to natural & beautiful mountain sights.

himalaya trekking in everestThe Kedarnath Peak (6940m/22770ft) is just one of the few Himalayan Peaks in Kedarnath that is situated at the south of Gangotri Glacier and well known for peak climbing adventure activity.

Surrounded by Kedar dome (6831m) and Sumeru Parbat, Chorabari Glacier is the base for Kedarnath Peak. While Kedarnath is the highest peak and Kedarnath Dome the third highest peak on the south side of the Gangotri Glacier; both these peaks make peak climbing and trekking at Kedarnath famous and challenging adventure activity.

Today many tourists from across the world come to Kedarnath to explore the challenges of Kedarnath Peak Climbing. While many of the routes through the mountains are difficult, there are ample places to rest and enjoy a meal along the way.

This place also offer one of the most wonderful and exhilarating range in the world and best opportunity to view the natural beauty through naked eyes. The trekking and peak climbing is possible in this area, the whole year around, but the best times to visit are from the beginning of May to mid June and from the beginning of August to mid October.

Every year, there are many expeditions organized by independent tour operators that are specially focused for trekking and peak climbing experience. Recently Peak Adventure Tour the most eminent and one of the leading tour & travel groups from India conducted an international Kedarnath Peak Climbing expedition for Italian group. Being the first tour expedition to complete the peak climbing expedition after a long time, Peak Adventure has set an outstanding paradigm. This peak climbing expedition organized by Peak Adventure has also created a new benchmark by completing the expedition in a record time, where every single crew member summit the peak climbing without any hassle or health problem.

The expedition was organized from 27th July – 21st August, 2009 and contained an Italian crew of 11 members having a mix of men and women. All the crew members were taken to some of the most famous destinations like Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Bhojwassa, Gomukh and Tapovan where they spend almost 24 days. The entire tour program was based on extreme level of peak climbing and adventure. It was full adventure-packed tour that let tourists interact with nature and local civilization as well.

“We have recently completed our Kedarnath Peak Climbing Expedition and very soon we will try to commence our next peak climbing expedition. We are highly pleased with the success of the tour and feedback of the clients. The entire crew were happy appreciated the constant effort & proper guidance of our experienced team of climbers that made this expedition complete in record time. Every crew member were also satisfied with our commitment to provide effective service in such an extreme geographical conditions and showed their deep interest to visit India again for another adventure expedition,” said the Managing Director, Peak Adventure.


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