Perfect World to pioneer digital culture and creative sector in joint hands with partners

WUXI, China, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Perfect World Investment & Holding Group (Perfect World) held a cooperation conference in Wuxi City and inked strategic cooperation agreements with seven enterprises and institutions of different fields on June 3.

Perfect World reaches strategic cooperation with enterprises and institutions.
Perfect World reaches strategic cooperation with enterprises and institutions.

As a world’s leading entertainment group, Perfect World proposed "Creative Thinking" strategy, aiming at breaking the barrier of the real world and virtual world, and combining new types of games with traditional industries so as to empower the development of traditional industries and promote digital upgrade of traditional industries as well.

Under the "Creative Thinking" strategy, Perfect World has made significant achievements in its cooperation with enterprises and institutions, such as implanting scenes of the Qinhuai Lantern Fair of Nanjing Confucius Temple into its famous game "Zhuxian," and the collaboration between its mobile game Chronicle of Infinity and the famous sports brand Peak.

Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao said at the conference that after all the successful cases, Perfect World has been more confident about cross-over cooperation between digital culture industry and traditional industries. He promised that Perfect World will keep exploring to establish a value chain that empowers traditional industries, and incubate more new types of culture content, products, and business models.

In its collaboration with Nianhuawan scenic spot in Wuxi, Perfect World gamified the scenic spots, and brought tourists an immersive experience by combing the scenic spot and the digital world. The move helps the scenic spot to upgrade from service-based economic to experience economy.

"Not only will we explore subdivided fields with partners, but also work as a bridge to promote cross-over cooperation among companies in various fields, so as to achieve common development," said Dr. Xiao. "And we hope to joint hands with our partners to unlock a new track in this ‘experimental production’ of the culture industry that faces the future," he added.

Perfect World will tailor a whole set of solutions and plans on digital upgrading partners’ products based on their requirements. For example, in its cooperation with Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Perfect World will develop a game to turn the complicated scientific knowledge into visions to help readers understand the scientific knowledge. The Group will also have an in-depth cooperation with China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association in the field of education and vocational training such as e-sports talent cultivation.

The culture department of Beijing’s Dongcheng district, People’s Cultural Tourism of People’s Daily, a cultural & creative institute affiliated to Tsinghua University, Beijing Dongsheng Bozhan Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., and Nianhuawan scenic spot, also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Perfect World in the brand cooperation conference.

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