Pinterest Predicts the trends that will shape 2021

Visual discovery engine unveils trend predictions across top categories including wellbeing, beauty, fashion, home, food, travel, parenting, and more

SINGAPORE, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pinterest, Inc. (NYSE: PINS) Pinterest, the visual discovery engine that people use to find inspirations for their lives, is announcing Pinterest Predicts, an annual trend report that looks ahead to the biggest trends of the upcoming year.

Pinterest Predicts the trends that will shape 2021
Pinterest Predicts the trends that will shape 2021

With more than 400 million people around the world using the platform each month to discover new ideas and bring them to life, people turned to Pinterest in 2020 for guidance and inspiration on navigating their lives during the global pandemic. From this historic year came new behaviours that Pinterest analysed to predict the top trends to watch for the year to come. These insights are not-yet-trending but will become the next-big-thing tomorrow.

Please find the full list of 2021 trends, based on emerging searches with increases compared to last year, at, and here a selection of the leading trends.

Wellbeing: Sleep time is the new "me" time

From home goods just for sleep to bedtime exercise routines, people will bring intention to more restful regimens.

Increase in searches year over year for: 

  • Sleep workout 3x
  • Sleep blends for diffuser +80%
  • Sleep yoga +90%
  • Silk sleepwear +60%

Beauty: Minimal skincare is the new glow up 

A new "effortlessly chic" skincare routine is simple and sustainable.

Increase in searches year over year for: 

  • Glowing skin how to get naturally +4x
  • Face yoga exercises +4x
  • Homemade skin care +110%
  • Natural everyday makeup +180%

Fashion: Make it is the new work it 

Gen Z will take personalization to the next level with making their own everything, from painted-on denim to custom crewneck sweatshirts.

Increase in searches year over year for:

  • Jean painting ideas +3x
  • Reworked clothes +6x
  • Custom hoodies +130%
  • Tote bag design diy +115%

Home: Shelfies are the new gallery walls

People will be collecting and investing in eye-catching appliances, from colored glassware to handmade clay plates.

Increase in searches year over year for:

  • Kitchen floating shelves décor +130%
  • Copper cookware +35%
  • Colored glassware +135%
  • Clay plates +105%

Food: Kitchen is the new Michelin

Chef-inspired meals, food plating techniques and garnishes are all trending up. 

Increase in searches year over year for:

  • Bread art +130%
  • Food garnishes +55%
  • Food plating +105%
  • Tea recipes homemade +60%

Travel: Nomadding is the new jet-setting

Whether seeking a sky full of stars or a field full of flowers, people will be planning national park road trips, trading city life for a rental cabin in the woods and using remote work as an excuse to explore the great outdoors.

Increase in searches year over year for: 

  • Nomad aesthetic +80%
  • Motorcycle tent +100%
  • Wild flower field +165%
  • Couple stargazing +165%

Parenting: Planet is the new playground

Save the planet, but make it fun. In 2021, parents will entertain kids while they educate them and make art with what they already have.

Increase in searches year over year for: 

  • Art education projects +35%
  • Outdoor education + 85%
  • Cardboard toys +85%
  • Pencil shaving art for kids +115%

Finance: CEO is the New DIY  

People will tap into their entrepreneurial side and use Pinterest to bolster their business. Branding ideas, podcast tips and small business ideas will all be high in demand this year.

Increase in searches year over year for:

  • Small business ideas +90%
  • Branding your business +105%
  • Podcast design +130%
  • Entrepreneur motivation +2x

Celebration: Planning is the new love language 

Pinterest users are planners, and now they’ll be planning even the smallest celebration moments for the people they love, from movie nights to monthly anniversaries.

Increase in searches year over year for:

  • Monthly anniversary message for girlfriend +145%
  • Anniversary box for him +80%
  • Movie date night at home +110%
  • Death to my 20s party +3x

These insights tell what people are inspired and will accomplish in the year ahead. Full list of 2021 trends is available on Pinterest Business.

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