Playful New All-Age Video Conferencing Platform HelloOtter Transforms Video Fatigue into Video Playtime As First to Offer Native Filters & More

Take your personal video conferencing occasions out of the conference room and into the playroom; HelloOtter meets surging demand for a fun and engaging video chat experience with backgrounds, filters, live-gifting and live otters.

NEW YORK, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A frisky new player – HelloOtter – has entered the video conferencing category as the first designed for all-age use, breaking free from the traditionally business-inclined functionality of its predecessors with native novelty and beauty filters, virtual gifting, digital-decor backgrounds, and superior privacy protection. Now in Beta phase by invitation only, HelloOtter will become publicly available in the fall of 2021. Upping the fun factor, HelloOtter offers live connection to real otters via otter-cams benefitting various nonprofits across the country, starting with Georgia Aquarium.  Visit to request a Beta-phase invitation.

Michelle Rosaline founded HelloOtter as the first all-age video chat platform designed for authentic, playful connection.
Michelle Rosaline founded HelloOtter as the first all-age video chat platform designed for authentic, playful connection.

"Our research shows that video conferencing is here to stay, " says founder Michelle Rosaline. "The video conferencing platform you use for personal get togethers should not remind you of work. HelloOtter is designed to connect people recreationally, authentically, and playfully and to satisfy what we see as a large, loudly expressed but unmet need in our lives. HelloOtter facilitates playful connection." Rosaline adds.  

A recent national survey by HelloOtter reveals that beyond working, the way we socialize has forever been changed by video conferencing. A hybrid virtual and real life connection model has become the norm for personal occasions and socialization with friends and family near and far.

  • 74% of 18-44 year-olds believe that video conferencing with a friend or family member has become as common as calling them on the phone.
  • 79% of parents wish there was a video conferencing platform with specialized functionality to engage kids. 
  • 62% of 18-44 year-olds wish there were more beauty filter options on video conferencing platforms. 

HelloOtter takes personal data and communications security seriously with a host of features to protect privacy including assurance that only intended participants can join a video call, strong data encryption and overall platform design architected for a secure calling experience.

Visit for more information and to request an invitation.

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