Pre-Ski Preparations: The Family Shopping List

Skiing and boarding are awesome…fact. Well, that would be the opinion of people who have tried and loved the sports, anyway. The summer may be in full swing but the winter isn’t too far away and while some may opt to book a late deal, now would be an ideal time to take a look at the French ski holidays available for you and your family, so that you know what sort of price you’re looking at.

Ski in France
Ski in France

Whether you choose to ski in France or elsewhere, what you should be packing to take with you stays pretty much the same, for every member of the family. Unless you know people who ski and board themselves, as a beginner you’ll have no idea of what to shop for prior to your departure, so to make things easier, here’s some of the essentials for you all:

  • A ski jacket and pants/salopettes that fit well, keep you warm and dry and allow your skin to breathe properly. You can find a multitude of styles, colours and trends in the stores throughout the year, for everyone from tiny tots upwards. Consider a funky, bright jacket so that you can be easily spotted on the slopes.
  •  A neckwarmer or balaclava is a little more practical than a scarf, because there’s less chance of losing them. Neckwarmers are a fab addition to skiwear, keeping the gap between your hat and the collar of your jacket padded and warm.
  • Goggles will help to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun and from any powder that may get in your eyes.
  • Plenty of thin, thermal layers are better than chunky sweaters and thick tops. With thin layers, you have more control over how warm you are and if you’re too warm, it’s easily rectified.
  • Suncream is also essential to protect you from the sun!

Don’t waste money on things your brood don’t need and if you do have friends and family who own the gear, consider borrowing as much as you can (neckwarmers, goggles, gloves, socks etc.) until you know whether skiing is for you or not.


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