Quark Expeditions’ Twin-Engine Helicopters Play Key Role in Innovative Greenland Adventure Program

SEATTLE, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Quark Expeditions, the Leader in Polar Adventure, has introduced a ground-breaking expedition program in Greenland capitalizing on Ultramarine‘s two twin-engine helicopters, dual heli-decks and a first-ever partnership with local communities in South Greenland that will offer off-ship adventure options (included in the trip package) exclusive to Quark Expeditions.

The launch of the game-changing polar vessel Ultramarine—with its two twin-engine helicopters, 20 quick-launching Zodiacs and the largest portfolio of adventure options in the industry—has enabled Quark Expeditions to curate a unique Greenland Program in partnership with municipal, regional and national partners, including Tasermiut, a leading outdoor adventure specialist in South Greenland.

"The Greenland Adventure voyages are the first expedition voyages in history to be developed in full partnership with local community members and businesses in Greenland, from conception to execution," said Alex McNeil, Director of Expedition Experience and Innovation for Quark Expeditions. "The culture and expertise of the people of South Greenland will be woven into these voyages. Ultramarine‘s twin-engine helicopters will transport guests to remote locations for unique adventure options—something no other operator can provide. Aligned with our Polar Promise strategy, all of these activities are developed sustainably with our local partners."

The ground-breaking Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land and Air expedition program is scheduled to launch in July 2021. Immersive off-ship activities include:

  • Heli-hiking
  • Helicopter-supported trekking on the vast Greenland Ice Sheet
  • Overnight camping (via helicopter transfer) in Tasermiut fjord
  • Helicopter-supported kayaking high up in alpine lakes
  • Exploring Viking history in South Greenland
  • Visits to Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Roaming the tundra with a local chef after which guests enjoy an unforgettable meal made from fresh ingredients.

Based on the success of the Polar Learning Channel, Quark Expeditions is hosting Greenland Adventure Week on Quark Expeditions’ Polar Learning Channel from Monday, July 27 to  Saturday, August 1, 2020 at 12:30 pm EST. The six-day program will feature guests from South Greenland and the Quark Expeditions team who have travelled extensively in Greenland. The audience will be able to listen to 20-minute themed presentations and ask questions.

Quark Expeditions, the recognized Leader in Polar Adventure, has been taking commercial travelers to the Polar Regions since 1991. Quark Expeditions is a member of the Travelopia Group, the world’s largest collection of travel brands exclusively focused on specialist travel.

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