Regent Taipei & Just Sleep Ximen Receives WTTC Safe Travels Stamp

Rest Assured with Silks Hotel Group

TAIPEI, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Epidemic prevention measures have become the new norm ever since the pandemic outbreak. Though the world is still recovering from the damages caused by this pandemic, Silks Hotel Group is committed to maintaining the highest standard of epidemic prevention measures while prioritizing all guests’ safety and peace of mind. On September 1st, Regent Taipei and Just Sleep Ximen received the Safe Travel Stamp issued by WTTC and officially became a member of the MICE Safe Travel Reception Service Chain. Silks Hotel Group receiving the WTTC Safe Travel Stamp highlights our continuous effort to put guests’ health and safety at the forefront during this pandemic.

Regent Taipei_WTTC Safe Travel Stamp Certified Hotel
Regent Taipei_WTTC Safe Travel Stamp Certified Hotel

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has introduced the "Safe Travels Stamp" to boost confidence in the hospitality and tourism industry. WTTC created new global standards as a best practice guideline for the Travel and Tourism sector. This certification was created with the purpose for travelers to recognize the 300 destinations and brands around the world that have adopted global protocols. Each of the Safe Travel protocols has four pillars – operational and staff preparedness, ensuring a safe experience, rebuilding trust and confidence, and implementing enabling policies. The review panel assesses each business with a detailed checklist with 44 protocols and standards, including – employee’s health inspections, hygiene, and disinfection equipment that are approved by official institutions (e.g., WHO), consistent reminders to public area teams of hygiene standards, and close attention to the cleaning and disinfection of hotel’s public areas. After a thorough evaluation, Taipei City is the first safe travel city in Taiwan and Northeast Asia to receive its Safe Travels stamp, as Regent Taipei and Just Sleep Ximen are honored to obtain this certification.

As a leading brand in the market, Silks Hotel Group continues to protect all our guests’ health and safety by maintaining the highest standard of cleaning and disinfection. At the most critical moment of the pandemic last year, we invited public hygiene and disinfection professionals and consultants to discuss and develop the "Best Cleaning and Sanitation Practices." The Group established a Hygiene and Safety Commander, which is a new position that is responsible for monitoring and having an immediate liaison with all Regent Taipei, Silks Place, Wellspring by Silks, and Just Sleep. Under the supervision of the Hygiene and Safety Commander, all hotels under the Group have increased the frequency of disinfection and cleaning in public areas, guest rooms, and restaurants. Alongside, the standard of practice for epidemic prevention measures with contract tracing for public areas and takeaway are strictly implemented. Our takeaway includes a Contact Tracing Card that marks who and when the food was prepared to allow all guests to enjoy their takeaway meal at home with peace of mind.

Regent Taipei is the first five-star hotel in Taiwan to install BioLED 365 Care, the highest quality antibacterial technology, in all public areas’ ventilation outlets like elevators, restaurants, restrooms, and gym to ensure that guests can breathe high-quality air. This device uses ultraviolet light, which is known to be an effective disinfectant for air, water, and non-porous surfaces. Additionally, Regent Taipei has invested and installed a U.S. military-grade infrared thermal image thermometer, a sensitive and accurate machine, to detect the most accurate temperatures as guests walk past entrance points. Basic epidemic prevention measures are implemented, including – crowd control, automatic alcohol sanitizer spray installations, and space and room key disinfections. Regent Taipei has a Food Safety and Hygiene Lab that tests all ingredients to execute source recording. Alongside, social distancing and the use of partition boards are enforced in all restaurants.

Just Sleep Ximen has continuously implemented various epidemic prevention measures, including installing automatic alcohol sanitizers at entrance points, parking lots, and restaurants for all guests to use. Consistent temperature measurements checks are conducted for all guests and employees while employees are required to wear surgical face masks throughout their working hours. Just Sleep has also strengthened the disinfection at all public areas at regular and consistent intervals while upgrading the disinfection and cleaning standards for guest rooms and more.

Regent Taipei Address: No. 3, Ln. 39, Sec. 2 ZhongShan N. Rd.

Silks Group Introduction:

Founded in 1990, Silks Hotel Group (the former FIH Regent Group) is one of the top Asia-based hotel management companies as well as the largest and most profitable hotel group listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Group currently owns and operates the international luxury hotel Regent Taipei and five diverse hotel brands: the cultural luxury lifestyle hotel brand Silks Place; the hot spring resort Wellspring by Silks; the art and design focused boutique Silks Club; the crossover urban resort Silks X; and the midscale stylish hotel chain Just Sleep. In addition to hotel business, Silks Hotel Group also expands its footprint in the Food and Beverage and Fast-Food industry, operating restaurants in the Taiwan National Palace Museum and other renowned attractions.

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