Riyadh Season in Saudi Arabia Ignited by a Chinese LED Enterprise-Unilumin

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This grand opening ceremony in Riyadh kicked off the half-year Riyadh Season.

Different from previous events, this Riyadh Season is supported by a Guangdong-based LED enterprise—Unilumin Group.

"Flaring trees and silver flowers make the night shine like the day; enjoy this amazing event at this sleepless night." This Chinese verse comes alive in Saudi Arabia.

Can you imagine the capital of Saudi Arabia turned into an immersive stage surrounded by LED displays with naked-eye 3D creative contents? Day or night, the city has become a world of lighting and a land of felicity with an endless stream of people, fun activities and immersive amusement. 

The parades of floats, the gorgeously dressed dancers dancing passionately, 2,760 UAVs presenting different formations overhead, the firecrackers set off in the air, the streaming UHD displays.

Through a combination of LED displays and naked-eye 3D creative contents, Unilumin Group successfully turns the city into an immersive venue and Riyadh Season into an extraordinary audio-visual feast. This breathtaking event wowed the locals, tourists and the world.

The displays of 7,000? and creative contents used in the project are provided by Unilumin Group.

It’s a challenging project pressed for time. While the unique climatic conditions of Saudi Arabia had to be taken into account, the overall design including naked-eye 3D creative contents was expected to highlight the essence of Arab culture.

To present a remarkable entertainment event, Unilumin Group, as planned by the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, gave full play to its technical strengths and aimed for perfection. The project was completed within 60 days from business negotiation, visual effect plan finalization, installation debugging and creative content production to stage effect improvement. All displays were lit on successfully, including an ultra-large spherical screen with a diameter of 8M difficult to design and install.

Riyadh Season is the largest entertainment event in the history of Saudi Arabia and part of its measures to promote economic and social diversity. The first Riyadh Season in 2019 lasted for 3 months, remarkably driving the economy. For the recovery of hospitality-related industries, Riyadh Season this year is intended to receive 11.5 million tourists, including 500,000 international tourists.

Outstanding technical strength and professional attitude make this Riyadh Season shine and Unilumin Group known overseas. 


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