Rome in a weekend

When you’re planning a city break with kids, the trick is not to book too long a trip. There is plenty to entertain children in a fascinating city like Rome, but all children have their limits on how many museums and architectural wonders that they can take.

Three nights in Rome would seem like an ideal length of time for a trip with the children. They can be wowed by amazing sights like the Vatican and the Coliseum and enjoy great Italian food and ice-cream.

Of course, as well as seeing all the major sights like the Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona, the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain, there are certain places that really appeal to children.

For example, while you’re at the Vatican, as well as seeing the museum there and viewing the Sistine Chapel, join the line to climb up the Cupola – it’s worth the wait and the kids will get a thrill out of it.

When visiting the Coliseum, make sure you get a guide that knows you have children in your party, and is able to make the tour as interesting for them as for the adults in the group. A walking tour to include the Pantheon, Capitoline Hill and the Forum is perfect, as there’s enough moving between sites to avoid any chances of the kids getting bored.

Explora is a Roman museum specifically designed for kids. The whole focus is about children being interactive, touching and learning as they go along. There isn’t a set programme, the museum is self-guiding, and is set around themes of environment, communication, science and culture. There’s even a kitchen area so that kids can join in cooking classes, but be sure to book ahead.

Whatever you decide to do in Rome, make sure that there is plenty of fun stuff for the kids included in the itinerary or you might regret buying all those cheap flights to Rome when you could have left the children at their grandparents and had a romantic getaway with your partner instead!

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