Scoular opens fishmeal facility in Myanmar

Facility provides just-in-time shipments to Asia feed markets

THILAWA, Myanmar, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scoular, one of the largest and most diverse fishmeal and fish oil merchandisers in the world, recently opened a new fishmeal facility in Myanmar.

Scoular recently opened a new fishmeal facility in Myanmar
Scoular recently opened a new fishmeal facility in Myanmar

The facility will provide a hub for high-quality, consistent product and just-in-time shipment to Asian feed markets. The opening follows Scoular’s launch in September of Encompass™, the new brand for Scoular’s growing global fishmeal business.

"We are excited to expand Scoular’s world-class fishmeal operations with an additional investment in Asia," said Adrian Gasparian, Scoular’s Managing Director for Asia-Pacific. "The facility further expands Scoular’s supply of fishmeal and our ability to produce and deliver high-quality ingredients to our customers around the region."

Scoular has been involved in the fishmeal market for more than 20 years and works closely with customers to provide fishmeal and fish oil solutions year-round, anywhere in the world.

The new facility is also a key part of the U.S.-based Scoular’s expanded presence in Asia, including an expanded regional headquarters in Singapore, soybean cleaning and distribution operations in Indonesia, and feedstuffs and grain distribution operations in Indonesia and Myanmar. Scoular is now one of the largest distributors of feedstuffs in both countries. Looking to the future, the company continues to explore opportunities to add value to customers and suppliers across the Asia-Pacific region. 

About Scoular

A 130-year-old company with $6 billion in sales, Scoular creates safe and reliable supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients, and food ingredients. From its more than 100 offices and facilities in North America and Asia, Scoular’s 1,000-plus employees lead the way by buying, selling, storing, handling and processing grain and ingredients as well as managing transportation and logistics for customers around the world. Scoular’s global headquarters are located in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

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