Season 2 of ‘Word Travels’ TV Show includes adventures in Sri Lanka, Philippines

World Travels TV show will feature travel writers Robin Esrock and Julia Dimon in destinations ranging from Sri Lanka and the Philippines to Slovenia, Romania and Jamaica.

The half-hour TV documentary series “gives viewers the real goods about professional travel journalism,” says a news release. But it’s questionable that many travel writers live on the edge as Esrock and Dimon seem to do.

In this season, which includes 13 weekly episodes airing Sundays, Esrock’s “tireless quest for adventure gets him set on fire in Taiwan, beaten up in a Mexican wrestling ring, and pressing the ‘button’ at a Ukrainian nuclear missile base.”

Dimon discusses feminism and food in eastern Turkey, jungle survival in Belize and the paranormal in Transylvania.

The show is produced by Vancouver-based Omni Film Productions is association with OLN. The season kicks off Jan. 18.

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