Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority to participate in Cultour Travel Exhibition in Cologne Germany 12-15 June 2008

In a new promotional campaign primarily focused on showcasing its core tourist attraction, the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority will participate in Cultour Travel Exhibition, set to be organized in Cologne from 12th to 15th June 2008.

SCTDA aims to introduce the cultural identity of the Cultural Capital of the Arab world to the European travel and tourism markets, in general, and particularly the German ones in a time of increased German tourist influx into the emirate, estimated at over 70.000 German visitors to Sharjah in 2008.

H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ali Al Noman, Director General of SCTDA, will lead Sharjah’s delegation to the four days global travel trade exhibition. Sharjah Museums Authority will exhibit via the SCTDA’s stand and will play a major role in showcasing the emirate’s cultural, historic and heritage treasures during the first of its kind exhibition. Sharjah unique museums are among the most significant contributory factors in augmenting the emirate’s leading position as a region’s world class tourist destination.

Speaking about the emirate of Sharjah’s first participation in Cultour Travel Exhibition, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ali Al Noman, Director General of the SCTDA, said: ‘This participation is part of our ambitious promotional strategy that seeks to highlight the emirate’s prominent attractions in the international travel and tourism community. What makes this participation different is the focus on promoting our high profile cultural and heritage product for the cultural travel niche market in an international venue.

‘Visiting the heritage, cultural and historical sites is the main attraction for cultural tourism; therefore, this type of tourist destinations is always beyond competition. Sharjah’s tourism sector goes from strength to strength thanks to the emirate’s unique cultural identity’, he added.

Al Noman concluded by saying: ‘The concept of cultural tourism is not limited to historic treasures, but it includes producing and promoting various cultural travel related programs and activities. These niche tourist products should be marketed and promoted through participation in dedicated exhibitions such as Cultour Travel Exhibition in Cologne, with the aim to increase the tourist influx into the emirate’.

As in all its previous participations in worldwide exhibitions SCTDA is seeking excellence through its eye-catching stand that features an ultimate combination of appearance and functionality.

Here they provide visitors with accurate news and information about the emirate in both English and German languages.

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