Show your Support of Equality: Limerick Pride

The city of Limerick is an appealing choice for many who wish to escape the humdrum for a day or two. While many will be heading here for the museum’s history and natural beauty, that’s not all that Limerick has to offer this summer.

Limerick Pride
Limerick Pride

Ever since its humble beginnings 13 years ago, Limerick Pride has gone from strength to strength, providing visitors with an annual carnival that creates an awesome atmosphere as well as a serious message. By booking a room at one of Travelodge’s Limerick hotels, you can be part of the show this year, revelling in the vibrancy and diversity that Pride provides.

Running between the 30th August and the 8th September, with the notorious parade taking to the streets on Sunday 7th September, the Limerick Pride is sure to be an incredible opportunity for people of all inclinations to unite as one and help to spread the word about the importance of equality.

The Pink Parade for Marriage Equality will help in the continued support towards same-sex marriage, hoping to shatter the taboo and ensure that legal marriage is an option for all, eventually.

Support the freedom to love and support Pride this year. With various events happening all over the country and the UK, it’s one almighty opportunity to party and enjoy yourself at the same time as standing your ground against inequality.

If you’re in the area for the Pink Parade on the 7th September, make sure you don a little pink in support of their mission – a t shirt, some shoes or an all-in-one pink costume, for example. The aim is to create a sea of pink, in support of civil marriage for gay and lesbian people.

Celebrate equality and diversity this year and show your support by going along to the Limerick Pride – the last Pride of the Irish season. Be a voice and make a stand so that the government continues to make positive steps towards equality for all.

Limerick Pride is for absolutely everyone and promises to be an incredible event. Make sure that you book a room at one of Travelodge’s Limerick hotels so that you’re based in the heart of the action and look forward to an event you’ll never forget.

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