Slovenia is a Sporting Powerhouse – Proving to be Among the Best in the World at the Games

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Slovenia is home to global sport stars including Luka Doncic, Primoz Roglic, Tadej Pogacar, Janja Garnbret, Tina Trstenjak, Benjamin Savsek and many others.

Slovenia is a Sporting Powerhouse – Proving to be Among the Best in the World at the Games
Slovenia is a Sporting Powerhouse – Proving to be Among the Best in the World at the Games

As the Games draw to a close, Slovenia has proven to be one of the most successful countries in terms of Olympic medals per capita. In the last two weeks, heartful athletes have proven that a nation of just 2 million can be among the best in the world.

"Top 4 in the world, a country of 2M people! What a feeling" – tweeted Luka Doncic after winning a basketball match over Germany. Even Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks, started posting tweets in Slovenian.

We feel sLOVEnia. Do you?

What makes Slovenians so successful in sports?

Slovenia ranks among the top sporting countries in the world. Igor E. Bergant, a Slovenian journalist, explained that apart from individual efforts and skills of the athletes, reasons for such remarkable stories lie in "a great tradition of a small country, full of natural richness and relative prosperity, trying to use its resources smartly. Resources, which are large enough to bring opportunities and too limited to make us spoiled and indolent."

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Once you visit, you’ll understand

Though small in size, Slovenia is synonymous with diversity. A unique destination nestled between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, is committed to sustainability and boasts four distinct geographical areas. By offering an array of exciting experiences 365 days a year, it is the ideal holiday destination for individuals, couples, groups of friends or families who seek unforgettable experiences; from active adventures in the embrace of pristine nature, city breaks topped with culture, relaxing holidays in spa centres or exquisite gastronomic experiences in first-class restaurants – the country’s numerous Michelin stars can confirm this. Local is what counts in Slovenia; authentic is what makes it unique.

Sustainability in the Green&Safe programme

Already considered one of the world’s safest and greenest countries, Slovenia has gone a step further and created the GREEN&SAFE responsible travel standard to ensure that visitors remain safe. This means that you can be sure that holidays in Slovenia are a sustainable and exciting option for 2021 and beyond!

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