Snack Video with Cassandra Lee Participated in Keluarga Asuh by and Marked the Start of Harvest Independence Program

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Covid-19 pandemic has put the world in a crisis, especially in Indonesia and most importantly in Jakarta as its capital. Many families were affected because of this disease not only in their health but also economically, creating a decrease of activity and employment in the business sector and workers losing their jobs. Government suggestions for social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus also create a big impact on society. Looking at this situation Snack Video held a donation in accordance with the Harvest Independence program, to provide daily needs food in order to help informal workers who are affected economically due to Covid-19. This program is done together with Cassandra Lee and collaborated with by tapping in with the Keluarga Asuh program in Jakarta.


"On August 13th, our Indonesia team together with Cassandra Lee had the opportunity to hold our first phase of donation with the Keluarga Asuh by program. The donation was located in Koja, North Jakarta. We hope this program can ease the informal workers who have difficulties in providing their daily needs. Totals of 100 boxes have been given specifically to elders, freelancers, and others who poorly need assistance due to this pandemic", said Yumi as Head of Global Operations of Snack Video

Snack Video collaboration with Keluarga Asuh program by is donating donations for the procurement of essential daily needs such as rice, oil, sugar, canned food, instant noodles, and soy sauce. The program focuses on giving to the informal families who are severely affected by this pandemic. They are the ones who have low income and are difficult to provide for themselves. This is the first time Snack Video facilitates such a program in Indonesia. The donation marked the beginning of Snack Video’s biggest program to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day, which is "Harvest Independence Program". It will also last until the campaign ends at the end of August 2020.

"I’m very happy to participate with Snack Video and directly give donations to families in need. Looking at the difficult situation that we’re facing right now, I’m very thankful that we can still help each other and still spread happiness. I’m very grateful for Snack Video and who invited me to participate in Harvest Independence and Keluarga Asuh program", said Cassandra Lee.

Harvest Independence Program

Harvest Independence is Snack Video’s second-biggest program as part of their mission to make its platform an online star stage and to celebrate Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day. This program has been running since August 11 2020.

The program invites Snack users or usually called Snackers to collect as many "kerupuk"as possible. Kerupuk competition is one of the celebrations that are usually held on Independence Day. Thus, Kerupuk became the symbol for the Harvest Independence program.

Here are the easy rules for you to join, just by watching, sharing, and commenting the video on the trending page also uploads original video content with the available hashtag. All these steps above can be done by Snackers with a limit of 1 phase for only 5 times/day. Snack Video also prepared 100,000 exclusive hampers for users who collected kerupuk reaches 100 pcs, then the user can exchange for special hampers.

This program runs until August 27th 2020 in hope that Snackers can collect as many kerupuk every day and win the prizes which are; 2 Yamaha Lexi VVA motorbike, 5 smartphones, 200 gifts vouchers and 1000 special prizes. Later on, Snack Video officials will directly contact the winner via the application. Interestingly, Snack Video is available both in Google Play Store and App Store. Download the Snack Video now and collect the kerupuk!

About Snack Video

Snack Video is a popular application that offers short video content. After receiving very high enthusiasm from Android users, recently Snack Video is also available in the App Store for iOs users.

Besides being able to produce creative short videos, Snack Video also provides flexibility for users to find various videos that are very exciting. Enjoy various types of interesting content such as entertainment, comedy, news, fashion, and games. Using Snack Video is very easy, users only need to watch and enjoy existing videos, engage with what you like and skip if you don’t like. The latest technology for Snack Video will learn what users are interested in and provide you with thousands of short videos that have been personalized just for you.

This application can make its users meet and join with all of the trending stars from around the world and even become the stars. Each user can upload their original videos, like other people’s videos, and added other video creators to their friends list.

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