Something Just Like This: Research on the Youth Entrepreneurship behind the Live broadcast Industry

BEIJING, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, China’s e-commerce has developed rapidly. There are also some Internet anchors who make online shopping more convenient by identifying goods and catering to people’s likes. These anchors have a influence on selling goods as well as fan effect, and ride on the waves of the era. In addition, a series of activities appeared, such as celebrity selling goods and live for supporting farmers. The live broadcasting industry has become a cultural phenomenon. Under this background, the Chinese series Something Just Like This"emerged and the stories about the entrepreneurship reflect the people in the wave of the Internet.

"Something Just Like This" is a hit in China, which produced by iQIYI, T.H Entertainment, Wanda Media Co. Ltd, Innovation Media Power as well as KANSHANCHUAN Pictures, and Jointly produced by Maoyan Entertainment, with HUANG Jingyu, WU Jinyan, XUAN Lu, XU Li, CAO Yuchen, LIANG Dawei, WANG Maolei, and DONG Siyi act the leading roles. The entrepreneurship story of DUAN Ran, played by HUANG Jingyu, and QIAN Xixi, played by WU Jinyan, strikes a chord with Chinese audiences.

As the first series about the live broadcasting, "Something Just Like This" deeply discloses the ups and downs of entrepreneurship both behind and in front of the scene. The first act is a tense crisis management of the strike, followed by plots about celebrity anchor marketing, customer resource competition, and the establishment of live broadcasting coalition, which directly dissects the live broadcasting industry.

The story of DUAN Ran and QIAN Xixi from childhood sweetheart to lovers also touches the heartstrings. Their childhood friendship is very sweet . DUAN Ran rents a yacht for live and rescues QIAN Xixi, who is punished for cleaning the toilet. This scene makes DUAN Ran a sweet guy and gets a lot of fans. Then they become more lovely when they become a couple. Their strawberry and pancake kiss are admiringly sweet. HUANG Jingyu, who has been known as a soldier, acts as a humorous punster, and WU Jinyan, who played the WEI Yingluo in Story of Yanxi Palace, plays an inspirational story of a live girl.

Through sending out positive spirits and values,  "Something Just Like This" encourages Chinese youth to actively participate in entrepreneurship, to keep pace with the time and realize self-worth in the struggle.

"Something Just Like This" still photography
"Something Just Like This" still photography

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