Sophie’s Bionutrients heralds the future of plant-based food in Asia during the Growth Asia Interactive Broadcast Series

SINGAPORE, Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sophie’s Bionutrients, a next-generation sustainable urban food production technology company, has showcased the power of nature to unlock limitless possibilities in a presentation on Plant-based Innovation at the recent Growth Asia Interactive Broadcast Series.


Sophie's Bionutrients award winning crab cakes made with pure high-protein microalgae powder
Sophie’s Bionutrients award winning crab cakes made with pure high-protein microalgae powder

Delivered by Sophie’s Bionutrients Co-Founder & CEO Eugene Wang, the presentation explored the future of plant-based food in Asia and outlined how the region can lead the way globally for plant-based protein alternatives.

With a projected market size of US$12.616M for plant-based milk and US$1.520M for plant-based meat in 2024, there’s no denying that plant-based food and beverages are rapidly growing in popularity. Despite the massive rise in consumer demand, there are still unique challenges that suppliers and food producers face if they want to bring plant-based alternatives to the mainstream in APAC.

Sophie’s Bionutrients is the first food tech company to use microalgae and patent-pending technologies to develop 100% plant-based and sustainable alternative protein – helping the food industry ride the wave of growth in the plant-based market while ensuring food security for the future.

"By 2050, our food supplies will be under far greater stress from overpopulation, climate change, soil degradation, and limited arable land space for farming. With a growing population and pressing environmental concerns, we have no choice but to embrace alternative protein. However, if we want to see plant-based alternatives become the mainstream in Asia truly, we must stop processing foods from lowering costs, and instead process foods to add value to our lives and restore the planet. At Sophie’s Bionutrients, we go beyond plant-based solutions – harnessing single-cell proteins to create sustainable, scalable solutions that address the most pressing challenges facing the world today," said Wang.

Using single-cell micro-algae as a scalable and sustainable source of protein, Sophie’s Bionutrients produces a pure high-protein flour for use in all food applications, has a delicious taste and remains cost-effective and accessible.

Nurtured in a controlled and protected environment, plant-based protein from microalgae can be produced in just three days. This enables producers to rapidly scale plant-based offerings while using food derived from nature to restore the planet and promote a circular economy. Growing nutrients in a fermenter also produce more sustainable urban protein for a fraction of the space. They also use little water and eliminate risks of contamination, making food safe for all with no need for herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones.

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About Sophie’s Bionutrients

Sophie’s Bionutrients is on a mission to unleash the limitless possibilities of nature, restore our planet and eliminate food allergies by creating plant-based, protein-rich alternatives to meat and seafood using microalgae,  the mother of all food and plant life.

In 2019, Sophie’s Bionutrients won SGD 1 million grant from Temasek Foundation The Liveability Challenge and will open its first urban protein production facility in Singapore in 2020.

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