Soul App Debuts an Offline Art Exhibition in Shanghai, Receives Warm Welcome from Gen Z

Soul App introduces a new type of social media to young consumers

SHANGHAI, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Soul App, a popular social media app for young people, invited world-renowned artists to create an offline art exhibition in Shanghai from November 14-27, 2020. The theme is “Soul Planet Wandering Project — Soul Wonderland”. The exhibition, popular with Gen Z youth, displays four works created by famous international artists. Dutch artist Nick Verstand created “ANIMA,” an exhibit with aesthetic and humanistic values; German artist Timo Helgert  created “Wonder” using “Shanghai” as the city theme; Encor Studio, a digital art group from Switzerland created, “Circular Frontier”; and SOUL X Output (China) created “Soul Lab”. At this exhibition, audiences enjoy outstanding visual entertainment and experience the fusion of technology and art.

Soul Planet Wandering Project -- Soul Wonderland
Soul Planet Wandering Project — Soul Wonderland

“ANIMA”, which means “soul” in Latin is a floating sphere. It symbolizes every person who enters the exhibit and coincides with SOUL’s concepts of “planet” and “soul”. Standing in front of the sphere, the real emotions of the observer affects the color, texture, dynamics and voice of the sphere, and the observer can easily recognize their own emotions and sense their own voice.

Soul Planet Wandering Project -- Soul Wonderland?"ANIMA"
Soul Planet Wandering Project — Soul Wonderland?”ANIMA”

“Wonder” is inspired by urban life and natural elements and uses a digital method to explore the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds through 3D animation and AR. This work expresses the longing for a partner that each person has in the post pandemic world. 

Soul Planet Wandering Project -- Soul Wonderland?“Wonder”
Soul Planet Wandering Project — Soul Wonderland?“Wonder”

“Circular Frontier” is one of the most illustrative audio-visual pieces from Encor studio. This work expresses that in SOUL’s view of the world, every planet and person have their own unique soul rhythm.

Soul Planet Wandering Project -- Soul Wonderland?“Circular Frontier”
Soul Planet Wandering Project — Soul Wonderland?“Circular Frontier”

In “Soul Lab”, participants can create unique visual images of their souls by answering SOUL test questions.

Soul Planet Wandering Project -- Soul Wonderland?“Soul Lab”
Soul Planet Wandering Project — Soul Wonderland?“Soul Lab”

Soul App, which launched in November 2016 in China, is an intelligent, mind-based social network platform. Since its launch, SOUL has focused on creating a kind, stress-free communication platform for young users. Gen Z users are tired of the old-school social media that is based on who they already know or on “hook-up” dating culture. These new users are looking for authentic contact. They hope to share their ideas, meet new friends, and are looking for an app that can reflect their true selves. SOUL’s “intelligent matching algorithm” recommends content that users may like and matches users with similar personalities and interests. SOUL helps users feel connected through communication, giving people an outlet to alleviate their loneliness and helping create a happier and healthier society. It provides an authentic communication platform for Gen Z and many other users across all age groups and professions.

With four years of experience in the China market, SOUL has become a haven on communication and expression for hundreds of millions of young people. Soul provides an authentic and kind face for social media and represents a new generation of social media that supports young people and guides future development trends. Since October 2019, the international version of Soul App has launched in Japan, South Korea and North America and is popular with international users.

The main vision for Soul App’s Soul Wonderland Art Exhibition is to provide young people with an opportunity to stop and become more aware of themselves. With this opportunity, SOUL hopes young people will take a moment to put down their burdens, immerse themselves in the art world and listen to their inner voice. In the future, SOUL plans to communicate and connect with more young people to enable them to use their positivity to impact the world around them.

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