Stereotypes Disappear Among European Travellers

The behaviour and the habits among European travellers are becoming more and more the same. Clichés like the demanding British, the penny-wise Dutch or the home-loving Italians are disappearing rapidly. These days Germans turn out to be the best representation of the average European traveller. One thing they all have in common: Over 80% of European tourists state the bathroom is a very important factor when booking a room.

This is shown by a survey carried out by the international hotel chain NH Hoteles in its five key markets: Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. It uses the results to adjust it products and information to the demands of its clientele.

For instance, the survey shows that the UK is in the lead (87%) when it comes to booking a room using the Internet. Spain (73%) and Italy (70%) are still somewhat behind as regards on-line operations. Although 50 percent of the surveyed say they still use travel agencies for booking rooms, this percentage is much lower, 20%, in the UK. The growing importance of the internet has brought NH Hoteles to a major update of its website, building up the aspects that customers are calling for more.

When it comes to long weekend getaways, the British and the Germans (more than 86%) beat the Dutch, Italians and Spaniards. Although often suggested otherwise, the British and the Dutch pay less attention to minor details. For British and Germans – instead of the Dutch – the possibility of recouping their money if the booking is cancelled is very important. Some clichés remain however, as the British (82%) and the Dutch (64%) are the ones who stress the importance of having a kettle so that they can drink tea or coffee in their room.

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