Sustainable Travel Company Triip Launches Points Rewards System “Stay Home Heroes” to Support the World’s Homebound Travelers

The company is repurposing their proof-of-travel feature to pay users for staying home.

SINGAPORE, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Stay in, get paid. People under social distancing are now eligible for rewards in exchange for checking in safe at home, a new app feature launched by Triip to support a world staying in.

In response to the March 25 call for action by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Triip created the Stay Home Heroes initiative to support homebound travelers and give them a chance to earn toward their future travels.

Triip hopes users who partner with us on the Stay Home Heroes initiative see their growing travel balance and the wide menu of travel products it can buy and realize there is an end to this. When that point is reached, Triip will be there to help its users rediscover a healed world.

As the company writes this, an estimated third of the global population has been ordered to stay home.

Across the world, local and national governments are calling for lockdowns of broad swaths of the population to stem the tide of the coronavirus and slow the surge of patients that would otherwise arrive as new COVID-19 patients without these new, aggressive measures.

The Stay Home Heroes program supports broader government-led initiatives to protect public health by creating a rewards program that requires users to be at home. The most promising research on the COVID-19 pandemic shows that social distancing and quarantine measures are going to be the most important tools in the fight against the spread of the virus. 

Often, citizens are being asked to stay home with no indication of how long they will need to remain there and when they will be able to return to living their lives normally. These are difficult times. Businesses like Triip play an important role in adapting to users‘ changing needs and, by creating new measures like this, showing compassion for a world that’s changed under the threat of COVID-19. 

A day for new adventures isn’t far off. For now, let’s stay safe and stay in while earning with Triip.

How does it work? 

From April 1st onward, Triiip will reward users who use the startup’s unique Stay Home Heroes app feature to check in at their homes with a photo uploaded. Payment will be made daily with unique travel points (called TIIM) to users who are staying at home. These users can use TIIM points for future travel. 

To support governments and responsible travelers who are putting their travel plans on hold at this time, through self distancing and self quarantining, Triip is offering a payment in their TIIM (travel points). Users who check in at home will be offered 1 TIIM per day, which can be used for later travels.

While sheltered, users can also earn TIIM by:

  • Sharing Triip with their friends: Triip users who share a unique, personalized link with friends can earn by bringing more users aboard.
  • Verifying past travels: Travelers can submit their travel photos and memories to Triip to earn more TIIM. 
  • Creating a travel plan: Users can describe their future travel plans within the app for a TIIM payment. 
Sustainable Travel Company Triip Launches Points Rewards System "Stay Home Heroes" to Support the World's Homebound Travelers
Sustainable Travel Company Triip Launches Points Rewards System "Stay Home Heroes" to Support the World’s Homebound Travelers

To support this initiative, Triip is making available 15 million points through the end of the sheltering orders to each of its users to incentivize them to stay home. 

TIIM can be used to book tours and experiences in a globe-spanning catalogue offered by local guides positioned in countries around the world. Triip’s travelers can also book accommodations from a list of over 30 million places to stay.

It’s more than an online booking service. Triip is a trust compact between a technology company and its users. In exchange for sharing their travels, users are rewarded in TIIM.

About Triip Pte. Ltd: 

Triip Pte. Ltd., a VC-backed, Singapore-based startup that provides a first-to-market blockchain solution for sustainable travel, while aiming to shake up the $8 trillion travel market industry. Triip’s technology solutions are addressing the biggest problem in the current travel economy, a place dominated by inefficient & giant middlemen, while building incentive-driven and decentralized systems. This breakthrough solution enables never before possible unique, accessible travel experiences.

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