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Exotic Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea, and Avant-Garde Sights in Southeast Asia

Asia Transpacific Journeys is offering three new extraordinary tours that transport travelers to a world beyond the ordinary to truly exotic destinations in Asia and the Pacific.

On one tour, guests stay in Cambodia at charmingly superb boutique hotels such as La Residence D’Angkor and 4 Rivers Eco Lodge, which is comprised of 12 luxury tented villas on the Tatai River, accessible only by boat.

There is much to choose from, between walking in the footsteps of Kipling through India’s best national parks, or visiting rarely seen tribes in Papua New Guinea during a captivating local festival. Other offerings take visitors to the remote frontiers of Laos, where travelers will explore astonishing natural settings, and up-and-coming places throughout Cambodia and Thailand, which are not yet on anyone’s radar.

· On Asia’s Frontiers: Laos, Cambodia and Thailand 19 days | departs October 8th 2011 Read the full story

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