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Phuket sets to be Thailand’s leading Medical Tourism Destination

medical tourism thailandIn 2009, Phuket has been chosen to host The World Medical Health Tourism Conference, an international and most diverse networking opportunity which will be attended by participants from various countries worldwide. Mr. Callaghan, the convenor says, “ Phuket is the ideal location to hold the conference because of it’s tourism and medical infrastructure and it’s capacity to host international guests. The conference will be held on September 16-18,2009 at Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa.”

“TWMHTC 2009 is a great opportunity where key medical tourism industry drivers representing top health care companies and medical travel associations will all be under one roof to network and do business,” said Ms. Edubas, Managing Directress of SOS Medical Tourism Services.

She added, “TWMHTC 2009 is one of the initiatives in making Phuket as the major destination for health and wellness in Thailand. The event will help open more doors for local investors into the international market, as well as for the global health care community to explore the possibilities of outsourcing medical treatments to Thailand.”

The medical travel industry helps “patients without borders” seeking more efficient, cost-effective and world-class health care facilities that offers services like breast augmentation, dental services, plastic surgery and other services outside their home country. Read the full story

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