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Singapore launches tourism marketing campaign for Chinese market

The Singapore Tourism Board said it has launched its customized marketing campaigns for the Chinese market on Wednesday.

It will roll out a series of differentiated marketing campaigns in the coming months targeting key markets across the region such as Australia, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The marketing campaign started with the New Discoveries campaign at the 798 Art District in Beijing, capital of China. Singapore singer Stefanie Sun shared her favorite spots in Singapore.

The Singapore Tourism Board said the marketing campaign is tailored to the needs of the Chinese tourists. Read the full story

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Singapore Tourism Board to tap online media as part of their marketing strategy

Assistant chief executive at Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Ken Low says STB is in the process of overhauling its digital initiatives in order to strengthen digital to become the “core” of its marketing activities.

Speaking in the fourth and final episode of MediaTV’s series examining travel and tourism brands’ marketing strategies, Low says STB is specifically focusing on CRM, mobile marketing and social media to improve its marketing.

“We decided a while ago to make digital the heart of what we do because, after all, a lot of the travel decisions today are all either researched or reviewed or made through the cyberspace, so it’s a natural thing for us to move and engage in this ground,” Low says. “We’ve not done it really well yet. There’s still a lot of room to grow.”

In addition to digital, STB earlier this year appointed new creative, media and digital agencies to boost its image worldwide.

Low says that STB’s biggest campaign of the year, called the ‘2009 reasons to enjoy Singapore’, has “worked quite well – we’re on target to reach 9.5 million visitors, as we expected”.

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Singapore records double digit drop in May 2009 tourist arrivals

Singapore recorded a double digit decline of 13 percent in tourist arrivals last month compared to a year ago.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said today about 730,000 visitors came to the city-state last month compared to the 834,000 in May 2008.

In its monthly update on tourism performance in the Republic, STB said visitor days in May were estimated at 3.1 million days, a decrease of 10.6 percent in comparison to the corresponding month last year.

The board said Indonesia, India, Australia, Malaysia and China were Singapore’s top five visitor-generating markets, accounting for 53.1 percent of total visitor arrivals for last month.

Some 129,000 Indonesian, 90,000 Indian, 59,000 Australian, 55,000 Malaysian and 52,000 Chinese visitors came to Singapore last month. Read the full story

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Singaporean MasterCard Credit Card holders Spending More this year

Singaporean MasterCard cardholders spent US$26.3 million during the first weekend of the Great Singapore Sale (29 – 31 May 2009), an increase of 7%versus the same period last year (23 – 25 May 2008).

The number of transactions by local cardholders in the first weekend rose 15% from last year to 283,703 this year.

Tourists also made the best use of the privileges and deals available at the Sale. Visiting MasterCard cardholders made 67,226 transactions and spent US$11.2 million over the first weekend of the GSS. Tourist spend however, was down 12% compared to the same period in 2008, in line with declining visitor arrivals.

Overall, both Singaporean and tourist MasterCard cardholders spent a total of US$37.5 million over the first weekend, a slight increase of almost 1% compared to the US$37.2 million spent last year. The total number of transactions also saw a 13% increase from last year, reaching 350,929. Read the full story

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Singapore’s Merlion at Merlion Park started spouting water again

Singapore’s Merlion Re-Opens today around noon. It had been closed for repair work since 28 February to rectify damage on the external façade of the Merlion caused by a lightning strike.

The repair work will however continue on the wave form until the end of March.

The Merlion was first built as an eight-metre tall sculpture in 1972 and located at the mouth of the Singapore River to “welcome all visitors to Singapore”.

Commissioned for approximately Sin$165,000 in 1971 by the Singapore Tourism Board (then known as the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board), it was built by Mr Lim Nang Seng, a local craftsman who had won several prizes in the Singapore Handicraft and Design competition. The Merlion was formally installed on 15 September 1972 by the then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. On 15 September 2002, the Merlion was moved to its current location at Merlion Park next to One Fullerton, and now overlooks the scenic Marina Bay. It has become one of the most famous icons of this vibrant city-state. Read the full story

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