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Swine Flu Influenza A H1N1 spread to affect tourism, says top economist

The spread of Swine Flu which is also known as influenza type A (H1N1) will definitely affect tourism this year if the government fails to contain the pandemic in an appropriate manner, according to a leading economist.

Anusorn Tamajai, dean of the Rangsit University’s economics faculty, admitted the spread of the new virus strain was worrying people around the country because they are confused by what the government has attempted to contain the disease.

He said the government seemed unable to control the spread of the influenza, causing some people and tourists to panic.

Because of this, the government must consider ways to improve information to the public to keep people informed of what is really happening and how to manage the spread of the influenza.

“Now, the government is busy reporting the number of patients and the pandemic. It fails to tell about preventive measures,” he said, warning that “the spread of the virus strain, if allowed to go unabated, will definitely impact tourism this year.”

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