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Is branding important for a travel business?

Why is branding important for a travel business?

Have you ever noticed how the public is hesitant to book with a tour operator, an accommodation provider or a carrier that they have not heard of before?

If the public has heard of a brand name then they are likely to trust the brand name and if travel or a tour is associated with the name, they will book the travel or tour.

In a true sense, the brand name brings the public to your door. It follows that legally, and accounting-wise, brand names are considered valuable – brand names represent part of the goodwill of the business. Their value is obvious when a travel business is sold – a well known brand name, coupled with client lists and a profitable business track record, will be what the purchaser is interested in paying for – the desks, computers, and other plant and equipment can be purchased cheaply anywhere! Read the full story

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