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Tips to Making the Most of your Travel Dollar

In the face of a poor economy, overpriced tickets and unnecessary fees Teri Gault, CEO of the GroceryGame.com, lifestyle and savings expert and frequent flyer who travels over 150,000 miles a year so has tips and tricks to saving money whether you’re traveling on business or with your family. Flying in and out of major cities, renting cars, sleeping in hotels, paying for dinner, Teri has mastered a whole system of getting the most value for your travel dollars, and still without sacrificing comfort.

Here is a sampling of Teri’s frugality:

Engage in conversations with the locals: Chowhound, a popular online food discussion board, is a great resource where locals and tourists can chat and exchange tips of places to go and things to see.

Choose lunch over dinner: Lunch menus are often a lot cheaper than dinner menus and sometimes they serve the same thing. If you have your eye on a really nice restaurant instead of paying twice as much for dinner, choose to eat out for lunch instead.

Save on croissants and orange juice: Pack food, this is especially important when it comes to breakfast. Some hotels offer breakfast which is something you should take advantage of. If your hotel doesn’t provide this perk go for a quick shop at the grocery store and pick up yogurt and cereal for an inexpensive meal. Read the full story

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Traveling Never Ends, Neither Should Your Fitness Regimen

The holiday season brings lots of travel, and so does the New Year, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Spring Break …WOW, it never ends!

How are we supposed to be on a long-term plan to stay healthy and fit when there are always opportunities to travel?

Staying fit while traveling can be easier than imagined, notes fitness expert John Rowley, Director of Fitness & Wellness at The American Institute of Healthcare and Fitness www.aihfwellness.com

Below, Rowley provides tips for travelers to stay fit and healthy: Read the full story

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Travel to the world’s top destinations for less

WAC Travel, specialists in luxury tailor-made adventure vacations have launched a new website, solely dedicated to special offers.

Tortribe, or http://www.tortribe.com offers clients the same tailor-made service, private touring, and luxury boutique hotels they have become accustomed to, but at substantial savings, ranging from 10% to 40%.

Tortribe makes it quick and easy for the discerning vacationer to go online and with a single click acquire a tailor-made itinerary with a new adventure every day, all the while in the lap of luxury.

lakes and rivers in united statesWith prices starting at $1,250 for an adventure weekend in Telluride for a single traveler (down by 25%); to $14,205 for a family of 4 taking a malaria-free safari in Africa (down by 20%). Prices include everything from flights, to activities and transfers – all details arranged by the experts, for a hassle-free vacation.

Included in the offering is a 20% discount at Anedodi, WAC Travel’s new luxury eco-lodge in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Prices for 10 people booking the lodge exclusively start at $319 per person per week during Fall.

‘This is my favorite time to visit the Ozark Mountains’ says founder Michael Altman, ‘the weather is warm and sunny, the water smooth – and the fall foliage colors are magnificent!’.

for more, see: http://www.tortribe.com

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Travel Season: 5 ways to get your mobile or laptop back

With our crazy busy lives and everyone in a rush: no wonder people are more likely to lose laptops and mobile phones. When a device is lost, the realization hits everyone: we’re really dependent on our mobile electronics.

• Laptop losses regularly total 12,000 per week in the US (Ponemon Institute).

• 25% of all wireless phones are reported lost or stolen every year (Asurion Insurance Service Inc.).

Consumer electronics and laptops are an investment, and are expensive to replace – not to mention that you can’t restore the data they contain, precious family photos, personal contacts and files, sensitive business documents and music libraries.

Technology makes it incredibly easy for anyone to return lost or stolen items online and most people want to help – but without a unique identifying number items are anonymous. But now there is an inexpensive solution from Global Lost and Found (GLF), www.glfound.com , E-Tracker I.D.s for $9.99 which can be purchased directly at GLFs’ website, Tiger Direct stores, http://www.tigerdirect.com  , or Fry’s Electronics. Read the full story

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