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Can a ski town be a summer attraction?

Waterville Valley Resort, New Hampshire, is one of the biggest ski destinations in New England. And, coming off a strong winter that is not a bad thing. Like many “ski towns” Waterville Valley is trying to build a year-round market – but the difference with this town in the White Mountains is that it was a summer destination for a century before anyone started skiing there.

Founded as a summer town in 1839, there was no skiing in Waterville Valley until the 1930s. Then in the 1960s, U.S. Olympic skier Tom Corcoran flew over Waterville Valley and knew he’d found what he was looking for—the perfect place for a planned community free from the urban sprawl of fast-food restaurants and big chain stores; a place where families could come to enjoy the outdoors in a safe, healthy environment.

The beginning of Corcoran’s vision was the Waterville Valley ski area, whose motto (“Altitude without the Attitude”) echoes the fun, family friendly atmosphere of the valley. By 1970 Waterville Valley was THE place to ski in the East, the only planned ski town, and the only one to offer Western-style Resort service east of the Rockies. Read the full story

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Waterville Valley Resort’s Enduring Tradition : Friendliness and love of nature are a way of life in the town at the end of the road

“Mountains, forest, peace; old friends, a welcoming inn with familiar ways.”

A half century ago, Nathaniel Goodrich used those words to extol the virtues of Waterville Valley Resort, a historic New Hampshire town surrounded by 700,000 acres of national forest. “Superficially it changes, as all things must,” Goodrich wrote. “But basically it remains the same.”

These days, Goodrich might be surprised to see Waterville Valley Resort ‘s nationally ranked tennis courts, summertime skateboard park, year-round ice arena, and cultural activities that range from bluegrass festivals to Shakespeare under the stars.

Or maybe not. Waterville Valley Resort has always been about wholesome, fun activities. It’s a unique combination of resort area, historic town, and nature-lover’s paradise, with an emphasis on family and community that brings people back year after year.

In the 1800s, visitors came to the valley by stagecoach to escape the heat of the city and enjoy an abundance of natural beauty. These days, visitors arrive by car, wending their way along the picturesque Mad River, which surges over boulder-strewn rapids on its way to “the town at the end of the road.” Read the full story

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