SINGAPORE, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On May 23 this year, Malaysia announced a ban on chicken exports to Singapore that would take effect on June 1 to deal with a domestic shortage that had sent prices soaring. The chicken in our wet markets and supermarkets flew off the shelves as people rushed to purchase them before the ban. Among the restricted items were live poultry, whole chickens, chilled and frozen chicken parts, and chicken-based products such as nuggets, patties, and sausages.

Whether it’s at home or at a restaurant, chicken is served virtually everywhere in Singapore. In addition to roasting and boiling, there are many other ways to cook chicken, including frying, steaming, braising, stewing, and currying. However, only one exception persists: Customers can no longer purchase chicken from Malaysia, which for decades has provided a third of the nation’s poultry imports.

What’s a chicken rice aficionado and families for whom frozen is no substitute for fresh meat to do? Buy S-Pure fresh, air-chilled chicken from Thailand at a supermarket near them.

First In The World To Be Certified Category A By NSF

Already the #1 premium chicken brand in Hong Kong, S-Pure chilled chicken is also the first in the world to be certified Category A by NSF for antibiotic-free farming since ts inception. NSF is a US-based product testing, inspection, and certification organisation that protects and improves global human health, and is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide. It is GMP-, HACCP-, ISO- and Halal-certified as well.

The brand was introduced to Singaporeans last July after CS Tay Foods Pte Ltd became the only company in Singapore to provide air-chilled Thai chicken after 10 years of waiting paid off in May 2021.

According to Marc Tay, executive director, the company initially planned to bring in 8,000 packets of chilled chicken parts a week in May this year. Then, he says, "When the news of Malaysia’s suspension of fresh chicken exports hit, I was in Thailand and at S-Pure. After some negotiations, we finally agreed to increase the order to nearly tenfold when necessary, as long as the ban remains indefinite."

Focused On Bringing Healthy, High-Quality Foods To Everyone

Founded in 1990 by Tay’s father, Mr C S Tay, C S Tay Foods has become Singapore’s #1 Fresh & Frozen Foods Distributor. With multiple awards, including a 2021 FairPrice Partners Excellence Award in the Top Supplier category, the two have also worked with leading B2B Fortune 500 companies and set culinary trends. Today, their goal is to provide healthy, high-quality, delicious food to all residents of Singapore, a city that is changing rapidly.

Chicken, of course, has long been considered the top choice in healthy meat alternatives. According to the University Health Centre, a holistic healthcare provider for the National University of Singapore community, several studies indicate that poultry (chicken and turkey) is high in protein with less saturated fat and cholesterol than red meat. Healthline.com says it also contains more omega-6 fatty acids than other animal meats, as well as B vitamins, niacin, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and protein. An 85g serving of chicken breast contains 24g of protein.

With more and more people becoming accustomed to its fresh, air-chilled chicken, the success of S-Pure for CS Tay Foods is undeniable, As far as Singapore is concerned, even the Poultry Merchants’ Association agrees that it tastes as good as any fresh chicken purchased every day.

Chilled and air-flown; never frozen

"Our S-Pure chicken is air-flown weekly from Thailand and has a shelf life of 14 days. That is longer than fresh or thawed frozen chicken which typically has a shelf life of up to three days. It is chilled immediately after slaughtering to preserve freshness until it reaches customers. It is never frozen," notes Tay. "It stays fresh because of CS Tay Food’s cold chain system and management, as well as its specially designed packaging."

The reason for all that succulent deliciousness has to do with how the chickens are raised. According to Tay, "S-Pure emphasises food safety and provides a healthier choice for consumers. The chickens are raised in cage-free conditions on a smart farm that uses advanced technologies, including big data and the Internet of things (IoT). Automated and analytical processes ensure their health and development are monitored and tracked to keep them free of disease.

"The chickens are also fed a controlled vegetarian grain feed supplemented with probiotics and prebiotics to improve their digestive health, while also providing the best quality and first-class flavour to consumers. S-Pure chickens are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, or growth promoters." 

CS Tay Foods’ line-up of S-Pure chilled products in Singapore include:

S-Pure Chicken Skinless Boneless Breast (400g), $7.60
S-Pure Chicken Boneless Breast (400g), $7.20
S-Pure Chicken Fillet (400g), $8
S-Pure Chicken Drumstick (375g), $6.50
S-Pure Chicken Middle Wing (280g), $6.70
S-Pure Chicken Wing Stick (355g), $6.30
S-Pure Chicken Thigh Bone In (450g), $8.50
S-Pure Chicken Boneless Leg (420g), $8.50

Currently, S-Pure chilled chicken is available at Cold Storage, Giant, Isetan, and selected FairPrice supermarkets.





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