The new voice dating live broadcast platform-whisper is officially launched

HONG KONG, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As a company focused on providing online social services to users worldwide, Whisper Technology LIMITED has been committed to creating a more comfortable and enjoyable chat environment for users. So on May 11, 2021, Whisper Technology LIMITED launched a new voice and video social software-Whisper.

Whisper is social software that focuses on young people’s voice dating. It provides various voice halls, a variety of novel content, and fun games to enrich the sensory experience. Cooperate with the innovative family model to consolidate the social atmosphere. It also has a 1v1 matching social mode, in-depth communication, breaking the barriers between strangers, increasing social fun, and enhancing the sensory enjoyment of users.

Here, everyone can easily create a voice hall, transform into an anchor and show off their talents. Here, everyone can listen to the moving voice of the anchor, participate in a variety of interesting gameplay, interactive chat, and play games together. The diversified new social model will let you immerse yourself in this and enjoy every moment of happiness.

Official website URL:
Company name: Whisper Technology LIMITED

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