La Serena Spa to Open at The Reefs Reefs in Bermuda

The Reefs, widely recognized as Bermuda’s best hotel, announces that Nicolay Kreidler and Vision Design have teamed up to re-create La Serena Spa to open in June. With the latest approach to relaxation, and a design to match, La Serena Spa delivers on its namesake promise.

Spa Expert Nicolay Kreidler of iSpad and Spa College is working his magic to develop a program for La Serena at The Reefs that incorporates the spa experience as an integral aspect of the vacation, similar to how guests view dining. He emphasizes that the spa should be enjoyed not just once but throughout the stay, enhancing the travel experience, maximizing the results of a vacation or business trip and augmenting health, wellness and beauty.

“We are thrilled to have the expertise of Nicolay Kreidler shaping our approach with the new La Serena Spa,” says Managing Director of The Reefs, Ben Tutt. “Mr. Kreidler’s knowledge of mind-body wellness is superior and he understands the intricacies involved in spa dynamics.”

As the new spa menu unfolds, La Serena will include eco-centric treatments using natural indigenous ingredients tapping into the abundant island flora. Kreidler is coaching the on-site spa professionals, all of whom enjoy a dedicated following, to enhance their individual approaches to meet each guest’s needs. “A Manhattanite requires a different approach from a Bermudian or a Brit,” says Kreidler. “At La Serena, we will have a tailored approach to match the style and needs of each of our guests individually.”

As the seasons change, so will the spa options, to complement the weather as well as culturally what’s happening on the island. Committed to sustainability, Kreidler elaborates that plans for La Serena will include using products in a way to minimize the impact on the environment. In sum, Kreidler offers a multi-layered process to ensure the ultimate in healing and renewal for each individual in the context of the environment — culturally, climatically and environmentally.

In tandem with Kreidler, Vision Design, the luxury hotel design firm of Dallas, has created an inspiring scheme incorporating water elements to encourage absolute relaxation. A cascading water feature serves as a focal point of a central court, which then opens through a moongate out to the recovery terrace with water views of the spectacular Atlantic Ocean. La Serena, perched above the surf, offers an endless view of the horizon, mesmerizing in its infinite beauty, and enhancing the experience for guests as they rest following their treatments.

The completion of the adjacent Reefs Club has allowed for the expansion of La Serena Spa. The Reefs Club opens to the delight of owners in July. A private club of just 19 luxurious, fully-furnished two- and three-bedroom beachfront residences, The Reefs Club is offered for sale on an affordable fractional ownership basis. For a limited time until the residences are sold, a few will be available for a one-time-only vacation rental.

The Reefs features three gourmet restaurants, a secluded pink sand beach, snorkeling and tennis, and is convenient to nearby world-class golf and diving.

To plan a vacation at The Reefs or The Reefs Club, call toll-free (800) 742-2008 or visit

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