The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo launches Oriental Wisdom Treatment

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo is now offering a new proprietary half-day wellness programme titled ‘Oriental Wisdom’ which is available to hotel guests and day visitors alike. Bringing together an array of distinctive Asian treatments, the programme reflects Mandarin Oriental’s spa philosophy of merging ancient life-enhancing traditions and techniques from many cultures into potent therapies for optimal wellness in today’s busy world. Guests will also receive guidance for continuing some of the practices at home and incorporating them into daily life.

The four-hour, half-day wellness programme begins with a Personal Wellness Consultation to determine individual needs, and combines breathing techniques and meditation to enhance overall well-being by restoring equilibrium, detoxifying and balancing the body’s natural ‘chi’ or energy flow. After a Tibetan gong is struck to purify the space, a Welcome Ritual ensues whereby guests select one of four moonlight-cleansed power stones (amethyst, crystal, tiger’s eye and rose quartz) while also experiencing a soothing foot bath to balance and re-energise.

This is followed by the Breathing Ritual — using breathing techniques and the power of aroma to assist in tuning out the external world and reconnecting with the inner self, as well as preparing the body for the subsequent exercises and treatment.

When placing a reservation, guests are asked to choose one fitness-enhancing method from the following options: Tai Chi Chuan, Aroma Stretching, Wellness Exercise or Yoga. The resulting Exercise Ritual helps restore the body’s natural balance prompting guests to rethink their daily approach towards personal well-being. The therapist will customise the content to suit individual needs and provide tips for continuing the exercises at home.

The therapy continues with a Traditional Asian Time Ritual, that blends the techniques and approaches of many cultures. The Thai components include acupressure and assisted stretching as well as an ancient northern Thai practice of using a special wooden tool for rhythmic tapping rhythm along the body’s musculature.

Kiatsu, a shiatsu-inspired therapy unique to Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, involves the application of soft pressure through thumbs, fingers and palms to key points along the body. Further components draw from the techniques of Indian head massage, detoxifying Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Ayurvedic healing and Japanese Reiki to address specific personal needs.

Finally, the therapist guides the guest through an Ultimate Meditation Ritual – a contemplative, relaxing meditation session that is carried out with the aid of aromatherapy.

Oriental Wisdom is conducted in the Spa’s 27-square metre Serenity Suite on the 37th floor where, on a clear day, the inspiring view extends as far as Mount Fuji.

To achieve an enhanced level of physical and mental relaxation, guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the Spa’s wide range of heat- and water-based therapies before their treatment. Among the therapies are soothing body jets and dry sauna as well as the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room.

The price for one, four-hour programme is JP¥74,000 on weekdays and JP¥79,000 on weekends and public holidays. As benefits are gained with repeated use, recommended packages of six or twelve treatments are offered for JP¥370,000 and JP¥740,000 respectively. These rates are exclusive of a 10% service charge.

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