The Town House Galleria to offer guest wine exchange cellar

A Milan luxury hotel will offer what it calls the first “wine stock exchange” or cellar where regular guests can leave their bottles of red, white, rose and champagne.

The Town House Galleria, located in the elegant and historic shopping arcade Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, plans to open the cavernous cellar with special lighting and shade areas at variable temperature next spring.

Guests will also be able to buy well-known as well as rare wines and champagnes.

“This is for wine belonging to our guests. They travel, they like to buy wine in Italy, and so they will be able to leave it here,” said Elisa Dal Bosco, head of public relations for Town House Galleria.

Also on sale is a Karl Lagerfeld designed pink case with six bottles of vintage Dom Perignon Rose champagne.

The case, which also carries champagne flutes, is on sale at a starting price of 100,000 euros ($143,800), including a dinner and a tasting session. Dal Bosco said there had already been some interest in the case.

Town House Galleria, which opened in March 2007, is known for its luxury service. Guests, served by butlers, can personalize their room and specify what food they prefer for dinner.

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