Tokyo-born Creative Agency monopo Expands Their Services to The US Market

monopo to increase resource for global clients and projects with a focus on millenial/ Gen-Z and cross-border communication

NEW YORK, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — monopo inc. a creative agency based in Tokyo and London,  announces the launch of new US branch monopo New York.

monopo has been nurturing relationships with Northern American brands and partners such as Amazon, Canada Goose, Red Wing, Reebok. More work here:
monopo has been nurturing relationships with Northern American brands and partners such as Amazon, Canada Goose, Red Wing, Reebok. More work here:

From Japan to the world alongside a global creative community

monopo is a multidisciplinary creative agency that offers services across branding, advertising and digital experiences. By specializing in cross-cultural communication, their international team of creatives connects Tokyo with the world. Over the past 10 years, monopo has nurtured an international community, deepening their knowledge on global communication design by partnering with either global brands expanding into APAC like Canada Goose or producing global campaigns for Japanese brands like Shiseido or Yamaha.

Together with a network of over 1000 creators* from around the globe under the group mission of "Collective Creativity",  monopo has produced work for brands across over a dozen countries.

monopo chose New York, the melting pot for culture and some of the most progressive talent, as their next base to establish a sales office in July 2021.  monopo New York aims to build a close network of local clients and creators to nurture a platform for open collaboration. In addition to their existing cross-border creative planning and production work across APAC, monopo will also provide services on communication design and brand design to connect products and users, especially targeting Millennials and Gen Z.

US Expansion Led by Female Creators from Tokyo

monopo New York is led by two creators, Chinese-born producer / UX designer Toshika Kosako who spent her early career in Japan and the UK, alongside  art director / illustrator Mei Kanamoto who lived between Thailand, Japan, and in New York . Together with Global Development Director Georgi Roberts, who leads the groups global expansion, monopo takes on a challenge in a new territory. monopo New York is founded by talent who grew up in multicultural environments, implementing values that exceed conventional concepts of merely "westernizing" or "localizing" when it comes to cross border communication. monopo New York positions itself as the hub between Asia and North America, therefore eliminating logistical and cultural barriers to pursue creativity, and to encourage the industry, society, or even borderless community for a more diverse and inclusive collaboration standpoint.

Toshika Kosako (left), Mei Kanamoto (centre), and Georgi Roberts (right)
Toshika Kosako (left), Mei Kanamoto (centre), and Georgi Roberts (right)

Member Bio:

Toshika Kosako
 (monopo New York Branch Manager)

  • Originally from Qingdao, China. After studying Journalism at Ritsumei University and at the Ocean University of China, Toshika acquired a M.A. (Master of Arts) in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in London
  • During her studies at Central Saint Martins, Toshika started her career as a UX designer at the Camden Council in London.
  • Before monopo, Toshika had been a part of various projects such as for the design of "JP Bank Book App" which was awarded the Good Design Award in 2020.
  • At monopo, Toshika engages in communication design for both Japan and international projects such as producing a global PR project at C4IR of the World Economic Forum or leading the UX consulting for a new business development by NTT East.

Mei Kanamoto 
 (monopo New York Branch Manager)

  • Born in Fukuoka and raised between Japan, Thailand and in the United states, Mei holds a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York.
  • While working as an illustrator at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Mei has held solo exhibitions internationally.
  • At monopo, Mei leads the art direction for campaigns such as ISETAN’s "Beautiful Choice" focusing on sustainability, as well as high-end fashion brands such as JIMMY CHOO and for prestige products like SHISEIDO.

Georgi Roberts
 (monopo Global Development Director)

  • British born, South African raised, Georgi moved to Tokyo in 2015
  • After studying Film & Media, Dramatic Arts and English Language at University of Cape Town, Georgi has worked across theatre management, television production and advertising in both Cape Town and London.
  • When moving to Tokyo in 2015, Georgi worked as a producer in the Japanese advertising industry before joining monopo in 2018. Georgi has been driving account development between Tokyo and London for various brands as well as leading global communication campaigns for Japanese clients.

About monopo

As a global community-based creative agency based in Tokyo and London, monopo offers services for both domestic and foreign brands. With "A BRAND OF COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY" as their vision, monopo aims to create a community where various individuals can share their ideas and creativity in fields centered on branding, advertising, and public relations. In 2019, a subsidiary monopo London. Ltd was established in London, with the upcoming branch monopo New York coming up in 2021. In their in-house project "", monopo uniquely promotes the unknown charm of Tokyo to the world.

monopo inc.
Company Name? monopo inc.
Est.? 2011, July
Representative? Yoshiyuki Sasaki, Shun Okada
Tokyo Office Location? Path Omotesando A3, 5-6-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Number of employees? approx. 30?including monopo London?

monopo New York
Sales Office Name? monopo New York
Est.? 2021, July
Representatives? Toshika Kosako, Mei Kanamoto
Location? 300 Cadman Plaza West, One Pierrepont Plaza 12th Floor, Brooklyn New York 11201

monopo New York Web:


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