Tough Times are Good Times for Those Seeking Travel Bargains on

The US economy has taken a decisive downturn in recent months and no where is that impact felt more than in the travel and tourism industry. Oil prices have forced airfares up into the stratosphere and with pressures mounting on consumers to pay their day to day expenses, vacation travel can seem more like a luxury than a necessity.

“This is very bad news for an industry that has millions of hotel rooms, cruise cabins and airline seats available on a daily basis,” stated Michael Hering, CEO for NY based “Consumers who want to travel will find this slowdown of purchasing has forced many suppliers to lower prices across the board.”

The continued growth in capacity in the travel industry has forced many travel suppliers to turn to alternate distribution models, like auctioning to help fill the vacancies that they have experienced in the past, and are now experiencing in record numbers. Travel Auctions have been around for quite some time on the Internet and have compiled quite a large following throughout all of North America. was founded in 1999 and has over one million members registered on their website. Suppliers of all types ranging from luxury hotel companies, all inclusive resorts, airlines and cruise lines have all been successfully auctioned over the company’s tenure and there is no sign that the trend is going to slow down any time soon. “We have had over 750,000 auctions won over the last ten years and we know from experience that when times get tough, activity on our website increases dramatically,” added Hering. “Value is what our customers demand, and we are happy to say that this is the principle reason we have prospered in good times and in bad.” offers over 600 auctions daily for travel and lifestyle products and services. Hotels, Cruises, Air Line Tickets, Packages, Attractions, Restaurant Discounts and much more are auctioned daily most beginning at $1, no minimum bid.

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