Tour de Force announces a new discount campaign for all the customers that book and pay an online St. Petersburg excursion in June 2010.

The great aspect of booking and paying online is that Tour de Force offers a 15% deduction off the regular price in June 2010. So, it doesn’t matter if you plan your St. Petersburg excursion in august or the following months, if you book it and pay for it in June 2010 the deduction applies. All the online operations are totally secure and discreet.

Tour de Force is a travel company that appeared on the market in 2000. With 5 million dollars insurance, the company is designed to make everything easy for its clients.

All you have to do is go online and make all the arrangements from the comfort of your living room, without having to make unnecessary calls, write tons of emails or waste your time on the road going from travel agency to travel agency.

tour france
France Tourist Destinations

The website is really intuitive and easy to use, giving you all the information you need with a simple click of a button.

Just write in your browser and you can find numerous predesigned shore excursions or you can even design your own tour and construct the evening program that best suits your needs.

tourist spots in paris
Tourist Spots in France

If you find yourself in a late booking situation, Tour de Force guarantees to find you a spot. In order to make that possible, the agency offers a unique 72 hours booking policy prior to your tour date.

Another great advantage in using Tour de Force is that the company is authorized by the city government to provide you with a Tour Ticket that, along with your passport, will serve you as a Russian visa. This advantage applies only for cruise passengers that book tours through the company’s website and stay in St. Petersburg for three days or less.

Dvortsovy Bridge
Dvortsovy Bridge

Tour de Force makes all the tours a new and exciting adventure. Their goal is not to take you and drop you at the nearest museum, but to place you at the core of Russian culture and give you a taste of everything that makes a country unique. All tours are narrated in an entertaining and interactive manner. The main language that the company uses in their tours is English but, if the clients ask for it, the tours can be organized with guides speaking other languages.


Another great feature that Tour de Force brings to its customers is the way that it organizes the group. In order to make everything easy for you, the company designed its program in such a manner that you won’t have to spend time in searching for people to join you in the tour. All you have to do is book the tour online and Tour de Force will organize the group for you. Also, to ensure that your visit is relaxed and entertaining, Tour de Force limits the group size to 15 passengers, so you don’t have to worry about crowded and uncomfortable groups.

Isaaks Cathedral
Isaaks Cathedral

The best aspect in using Tour de Force is the pricing. The price for person starts from 129$ per day, one of the best prices on the market today.

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