Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launches “E-Marketing for Amazing Thailand 2008”

Tourism Authority of Thailand recently hosted an exclusive trade launch to unveil “e-Marketing for
Amazing Thailand 2008” – Thailand’s latest destination marketing initiative which incorporates the use of the e-marketing channels to promote ‘Amazing Thailand’ online which is expected to response in not only a greater revenue outcome to the travel suppliers as well the country but also a better reputation of Thailand tourism to world wide online travelers.

Tourism Authority of Thailand launched “E-marketing for Amazing Thailand 2008” on January 28th 2008, introducing 5 new projects for the year, each targeting the inbound travelers from countries through out the world. The objective is to increase tourism in Thailand and create a better impression by conducting different online marketing activities for the focused group travelers via various online channels through the announced amazing Thailand campaign.

The announced 5 projects of “E-Marketing for Amazing Thailand 2008” campaign consists of:

Thailand Amazing Deals Project is to promote the travel products of Thailand by launching a mini site: and e-mail campaigns targeting global travelers, travel traders, media and bloggers of over 1.1 million people around the world.

Her Own Way: “Thailand – The Woman’s Paradise” Project is to promote the travel products categorized under golf, shopping, beauty and spa by launching a mini site:, e-mail acquisition campaigns and e-brochure (woman travel guide) targeting women travelers from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Middle East.

Thailand Portfolio Project is to promote tourism in Thailand by distributing online travel content comprising of photos, videos and travel articles through 9 world’s most famous user-generated media websites such as,,, etc. targeting world wide online travelers.

Amazing Shot… Amazing Experience Contest is to organize an online event, VDO competition, for both domestic and international travelers to send their travel experiences in Thailand through VDO clips format under the concept of “Amazing Shot.. Amazing Experience!” in order to win TAT’s amazing prizes.

WIKI Mission for Thailand Tourism Project is to improve and edit all the information about Thailand on (all true facts) and (the travel guide) targeting digital citizen, to make them have a better understanding of Thailand by uploading complete, accurate and up-to-date information on to the websites in order to promote tourism in Thailand.

The project is launched with the favorable support from many partners and supporters such as Royal Orchid Plus, Thai Airways PLC., Advance Info Service PLC (AIS), Academic Institutions being Chulalongkorn University and Rangsit University,, Software Park Thailand and travel related associations i.e. Thai Hotel Associations (THA), Association of Thai Travel Agent (ATTA), Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA), Professional Tourist Guide Association (PTGA) and Thai Spa Association (TSPA).

This effort by Tourism Authority of Thailand eases the marketing for members of the Thai travel and tourism industry while allowing them to participate in the campaign by sending their travel products, travel deals and related information to the project management team. They may visit TAT’s web portal site or direct to the mini site: to get a better scope of the project. In order to participate in the projects or for more queries, travel suppliers may e-mail at:

[ See full version here : ]

About Tourism Authority of Thailand
The major role of Tourism Authority of Thailand is to supply information and data on tourist areas to the public, publicizes Thailand with the intention of encouraging both Thai and international tourists to travel in and around Thailand, conducts studies to set development plans for tourist destinations, and co-operates with and supports the production and development of personnel in the field of tourism

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