Tourism Gradually Recovers in the Ancient Capital of Xi’an

XI’AN, China, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As China’s epidemic continues to improve due to the effective domestic prevention and control measures, the tourism industry is gradually recovering in the ancient capital of Xi’an, after having been down for just over three months. On July 19, the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government held a press conference and announced the full resumption of inter-provincial tourism in the ancient capital. In order to meet the on-going requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, measures including limited tourist flows, tour reservations and staggered shifts are now applicable in all scenic spots in Xi’an. The numbers of tourists will not exceed 50% of the maximum capacity.

Scenic Area of the Xi'an Dayan Pagoda & Actresses performing in the pedestrian street of the Grand Tang Mall in Xi'an
Scenic Area of the Xi’an Dayan Pagoda & Actresses performing in the pedestrian street of the Grand Tang Mall in Xi’an

With immediate effect, more than 570 travel agencies and online tourist operators in Xi’an resumed offering group tours, and from July 20, 135 movie theaters will resume operation, which will be organized in an orderly manner. In addition, Xi’an has launched a series of cultural tourism benefits. Expanding on the earlier decision that 34 scenic spots will be open to medical personnel free of charge all year around, from August 1, Tang Paradise (National 5A Tourist Attraction in China), the Louguantai Ecological Cultural Tourism Resort and more than 80% of the city’s museums will be open to the public free of charge.

Xi’an is a fashionable modern metropolis, with a strong historical and cultural heritage. It has the Terra Cotta Warriors, its most famous attraction, and there are other notable tourist locations, such as the Grand Tang Mall and Huimin Street, both of which attract a large number of foreign tourists.

When night falls, the evening lights are resplendent in the Grand Tang Mall, lighting up the ancient city. Street art performances, e.g. tumbler dancing girl, stone statue guy and Dunhuang flying dance are staged, while all kinds of Tang Dynasty stores, such as Datang Fried Foods Store and Li Bai’s Tea Shops, are open on both sides of the street. In Huimin Street, a wide range of delicious food presents a feast for the eyes and the stomach, and the night economy has been rekindled by the enthusiasm of tourists, eager to buy the local wares and fare.

In recent years, Xi’an has explored new ways of comprehensive integration of culture and tourism, and launched a new cultural tourism brand – The Millennium Ancient Capital of Chang’an Tourists from all over the world can experience a different travel experience with a variety of performing arts including the Night Carnival, International Music Festival, Water and Light Dancing Show and the Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony.

Even during the epidemic, Xi’an tourism remained popular – in the cloud (online), Chinese and foreign tourists visited the grand view of Chang’an, watched the restoration of the terracotta warriors, and were also able to enjoy Xi’an snacks through online e-commerce. In July, Xi’an was named one of the top ten Internet celebrity cities in China. In addition, the night economy of Xi’an has continued to thrive, ranking fourth in China and first in northern China.

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Caption: Scenic Area of the Xi’an Dayan Pagoda & Actresses performing in the pedestrian street of the Grand Tang Mall in Xi’an

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